Adven will design Porto Franco’s environment-friendly renewable energy solution

  • 2020-03-25
  • TBT Staff

Porto Franco, one of the largest real estate projects ever implemented in Estonia which will cost approximately 190 million euros, struck an agreement with Adven, provider of energy solutions, as a result of which the entire cooling system of Porto Franco will be based on renewable energy.

The future energy solution for the cooling system of Porto Franco will be green thanks to the renewable electricity generated by the cogeneration plants of Adven Estonia. While the initial capacity of the cooling plant will be 4.8 MW, the flexible system to be designed will enable to install up to 6 MW of cooling capacity when the building is expanded, if necessary.

Kevin Vaher, the Baltic Sales Director of Adven, said that this is the most optimal solution for Porto Franco. “We analysed the actual needs of the centre with the specialists of Porto Franco and, as a result of long discussions, reduced the capacity of the planned cooling plant, thereby also reducing the expenses and investment volume of the centre,” he noted.

Environmentally responsible thinking and sustainable development are part and parcel of Adven’s daily operations: Adven intends to be a leading implementor of the energy generation technologies which reduce the environmental impact by constantly developing the use of biofuels, waste materials, and residual heat and contributing to taking into use of these resources.

“Adven aims to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 200,000 tons through its activity. This goal does not only include the measures applied in our own energy generation operations, but also everything that we can do to reduce the emissions of our clients. This approach takes into consideration our growth-oriented goals as well as our regular long-term business logics. Porto Franco is one of the key clients that we can work with in order implement environment-friendly solutions in practice,” said Kevin Vaher.

Rauno Teder, Chairman of the Board of Porto Franco, said that Adven’s ability to find solutions which are efficient as well as environment-friendly was a great match with the centre’s own approach. “Porto Franco will be built in compliance with the requirements of the LEED Gold standard which is used to acknowledge the buildings which are designed, build, and used based on the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development. Involving Adven has undoubtedly helped us to achieve this goal. Implementation of energy-efficient solutions will also support more efficient functioning of the entire centre which will protect the environment and save money for us and for the clients of the centre thanks to lower administrative costs,” said Rauno Teder.

Construction of Porto Franco in an environment-friendly manner and according to the requirements of the LEED Gold standard means that the project is compliant with high requirements with respect to environmental protection, energy consumption, construction operations, and building materials. The concept of the project involves using several state-of-the-art energy- and water-efficient technologies and reducing the amount of waste and pollution generated; among other things, climate change-resistant technologies will be implemented which will alleviate the impacts of the climate change characteristic to the area and especially to the Baltic states.

Adven is the leading provider of energy and water treatment solutions in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic states, generating steam, heat, and cooling for industries and providing various solutions for improving and promoting efficient use of energy, water, and materials. Adven has almost 40 years of experience and employs over 400 specialists who operate more than 300 energy centres with the total capacity of 2,000 MW.

Porto Franco ( is a unique property development which will open the heart of the city of Tallinn up to the sea and provide the only seaside area for entrepreneurship and leisure time in Tallinn. 190 million euros will be invested into the Porto Franco development and the surface area of the new multifunctional district will exceed 150,000 m2. The Porto Franco complex will consist of three underground levels for a parking building with 1,170 parking spaces and for rented commercial premises, and of five levels above the ground for a shopping centre, an office centre, and a hotel. Porto Franco is developed by Porto Franco OÜ. The shareholders of Porto Franco OÜ are successful companies which, in addition to their principal activities, invest in long-term projects which create added value for the Estonian economic environment. The company’s management board have many years of international experience in the development of office and commercial premises.