Accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO will radically change defense capabilities of the entire region - MP Snore

  • 2022-07-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In a situation when Finland and Sweden join NATO, the whole scene in the region changes radically, and it is like a lifeline for Latvia, MP Edvins Snore (National Alliance), who works on the Saeima's Defense, Interior Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee, told LETA.

With the accession of Finland and Sweden to the alliance, the Baltic Sea would become a NATO "lake", Snore mentioned, pointing to the existing concerns about the isolation of the Baltic states from Allies in the event that Russia and Belarus "cut off" the Suwalki corridor. According to him, the accession of the Nordic countries to NATO would dispel these concerns.

The politician also welcomed NATO's decisions regarding the strengthening of the allied battle group in Latvia and the Baltic states as a whole. As Snore mentioned, it is not yet clear by what number of soldiers the force would be increased, however, since it is planned to be made into a brigade, the battle group could increase threefold. In addition, not only the number of soldiers, but also the amount and capabilities of military equipment will be increased, noted the committee members.

Also, the creation of base headquarters in Poland and Romania, as Snore believes, would speed up the provision of assistance in the event of a potential Russian attack.

He would like a headquarters to be established in Latvia as well, said the MP, noting that he, as a representative of the committee, has always advocated for this. Also, when visiting the United States in 2018 and meeting with congressmen, Snore emphasized that such a headquarters is necessary, therefore, as the MP expressed, allies know and understand this desire of Latvia.

Primarily, after the NATO summit, Latvia should prepare for strengthening the battle group, providing all the necessary infrastructure, transport and other resources, in order to prevent problems arising when foreign soldiers and equipment arrive in Latvia, Snore said.

On the other hand, in general, the position of himself and the faction of the National Alliance is that mandatory military service should be re-introduced in the country in order to provide military skills to young Latvian citizens, and so that the country is ready in case of a Russian invasion.