A reputable Swiss software company to move its development division to Estonia

  • 2019-02-26
  • TBT Staff

TALLINN - Swiss company Business Investigation SA, creator and developer of the GPS analytical platform for major applications based on artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), has launched its sister company in Tallinn. The branch will be covering sales and service in the Baltic States, the Nordic countries and in Central Europe. In addition, the Swiss company is moving its research and development centre to Tallinn, thus creating dozens of jobs for top AI and ML specialists over the coming years Business Investigation SA (BI) lists the competence found in Estonia and its well-developed e-state ecosystem as the primary reasons for moving here. Because of the local know-how, expertise and infrastructures, Tallinn is the most logical place to start expanding into the Baltic States, Nordic countries and Central Europe. “In addition, we are certainly interested in looking for future cooperation opportunities with Estonian government agencies that are known to be the most digitally advanced institutions in the world. The development of our GPS application, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, integrated within the Estonian excellent platforms would certainly be mutually beneficial,” said the CEO of Business Investigation, Bruno Ciroussel hinting at company’s interest in leveraging from cooperation with Estonian government agencies.

With headquarters in Gland near Geneva, Business Investigation’s GPS platform development is a cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and the School of Business and Engineering Vaud in Yverdon as Business Investigation’s founders and main shareholders Bruno Ciroussel and Marc Lecoultre are artificial intelligence and machine learning professors in those world renowned top-level universities. The technology marketed by Business Investigation has been in development for almost ten years, and the company has reached the stage of product development that allows to present its business case globally. To date, Business Investigation has expanded to France, Germany, Italy, Chile, Egypt, Tunisia, India and China. Tallinn will now be taking a central role in this network as Business Investigation’s IT development centre, where GPS - their
core product, will be developed in the future.

Lecoultre explained that “GPS is an AI-based solution which uses machine learning for analysing work processes helping to optimise them and decrease a company’s or government agency’s costs as well as energy and time consumption”. The function of GPS software lies in forecasting scenarios and identifying linearities in processes and flows, providing its users with information that supports more rational decision-making.

According to Ciroussel and Lecoultre, AI and ML market is still in its infancy. “This is exactly why we have been putting in years of research to develop a technology that would help optimizing the processes for banks, insurance companies, industrial enterprises, medical facilities, the retail sector, airports, ports, etc. The list of sectors that would benefit from our technology is an extensive one,” says the co-founder of Business Investigation Marc Lecoultre.

Although Business Investigation only recently penetrated the market, its GPS solution has already been implemented by major corporations like Auchan supermarkets, Groupe Mutuelle insurance and Volkswagen Group in Africa with all its brands, Porsche, Audi, Seat, Skoda, etc. The GPS technology is integrated by several government agencies, for instance, the “Employment Centre” of France and the Tunisian Customs authority.

“This year, we are looking to hire between twelve to fifteen people in Tallinn and recruiting here will definitely continue due new markets and rapid growth,” Lecoultre expects.