A rare opportunity to invest in the airport ecosystem in the Baltics

  • 2023-01-24

Šiauliai International Airport (Lithuania), the only airport in the Baltics capable of accommodating the largest transatlantic aircraft, is opening its last “window” for potential investors. The airport seeks to attract a logistics company or investors involved in warehousing and parcel construction projects, as well as real estate funds investing in such projects, to the ecosystem of aviation and related businesses it is creating.

”Šiauliai International Airport has two major advantages: the longest runway in the Baltic States, which can withstand even fully loaded transatlantic aircraft, as well as the ability to integrate three modes of transport into its logistics operations at once. These include air, land roads and railways. We have a clear vision, which is also reflected in our strategy, of what kind of project we would like to see on the last available plot of our land”, says Aurelija Kuezada, Director of Šiauliai Airport.

According to her, the greenfield investment may also be of interest to logistics companies intending to expand their operations, as well as to investors in special real estate projects developing modern warehousing and parcel processing centres.

“We intend to auction the available plot of land soon, but at the same time we do not want to limit ourselves to only one type of investor. Some market leaders are happy to invest themselves, while others prefer to rent property for many years. We do not speculate on whether or not Amazon, the e-commerce giant investing in its own fleet of aircraft, would invest directly in the logistics centre. We are open to everyone, whatever operating model they preferred, no matter it is DHL or FedEx,” said the Director of the Airport.

The land to be auctioned exceeds 2 hectares. Other land plots managed by Šiauliai Airport focus on aircraft service activities.

Artūras Visockas, the Mayor of Šiauliai, who implemented more than EUR 24.5 million worth of investment projects last year, says that the city continues to change, becoming more and more cosy, comfortable and welcoming.

“We are constantly investing in the prosperity of the city, and last year was no exception. Even in a difficult period, such as the huge war in Ukraine, we have been successful in achieving our goals. As every year, we focused on the needs of investors, helping to create a favourable environment for them. Of course, the war has created more uncertainty, and established business relationships and logistics chains have been affected, but we remain optimistic and determined to grow,” says the Mayor of Šiauliai. 

Šiauliai, located in northern Lithuania, enjoys convenient transport links, and Šiauliai Airport's exceptionally long runway makes it possible to accommodate both extremely large and fully loaded aircraft, as well as investors and entrepreneurs arriving on small aircraft.

The parcel delivery and logistics company DPD Lietuva has commenced operations in a new parcel terminal built in the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone (FEZ) near the airport.

“The rapid growth of e-commerce and parcel delivery during the coronavirus period has prompted us to take a closer look at this niche market, which has a lot of potential, and to consider new development opportunities. Šiauliai is a convenient logistics hub for both Lithuanian and international operations, so it is not surprising that the city remains on the radar of logistics businesses,” says the Director of Šiauliai Airport.

Šiauliai International Airport, recognized as EYSA/SQQ in international aviation systems, complies with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).