A limited letterpress edition of “The Little Prince” to be published

  • 2019-09-16
  • TBT Staff

The Estonian museum and printing studio TYPA will publish a limited edition of “The Little Prince” using historic letterpress equipment.

The presses at TYPA are suitable for book printing in a manner that was common a century ago. The process is essentially manual and will require several months to finish. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo to support the publication of the book. Depending on the size of the donation, four different editions will be available to book lovers.

The team at TYPA is confident in their ability to deliver the artisan edition. “Experience from previous projects has given us the skills we need to create a unique publication that will be cherished by fans of ‘The Little Prince’ all across the world,” says the director of TYPA, Mr. Lemmit Kaplinski.

This special book is aimed mostly at fans of the Little Prince, but will be of interest also to those fascinated by printmaking and bookbinding. TYPA will publish regular updates about the progress on its social media and organize thematic events to demonstrate specific technological processes.

TYPA is the only museum in the Baltic countries that is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting historic printing equipment. As a working museum and studio, TYPA not only organizes educational activities, but also uses equipment in its collection for creating prints and offers access to its equipment for artists from across the world.