A future with Russia is impossible until the war criminals are tried - Estonian president

  • 2023-04-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - A future with Russia is not possible until the war criminals are brought to trial, Estonian President Alar Karis said today while addressing MPs at Saeima.

In his address, Karis emphasized the cruelty of the war caused by Russia, stating that not only Ukraine's fate is at stake, but also what kind of world we will live in in the future. Latvia and Estonia are doing everything to ensure that allies and partners are always ready to help Ukraine. Also, in the opinion of the Estonian president, everything should be done to convince doubtful countries that their fate is also at stake.

Bucha and Izyum are symbols of the Russian genocide, Karis emphasized. According to the president, the recently issued arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court is a strong and necessary step to try the Russian leadership, which has incited terror and genocide against Ukraine.

The goal and basic task is to demand the implementation of this arrest order in all member states of the International Criminal Court, according to Karis.

"We cannot imagine that war criminals could walk around unpunished, and an international society that values the right to justice would not do anything in this regard. It would be a moral and legal collapse,'' said the Estonian president.

According to the president, the peace settings must be clearly defined. First, Russia must recognize the territorial indivisibility and sovereignty of countries. Second, aggression must be ruled out as a future policy option. Thirdly, the expansion of spheres of influence and "gray" spheres of influence must be denied. Fifth, the space of security and values of the European Union and NATO must be preserved.

At the same time, Karis expressed his joy and support for Latvia's decision to restore compulsory military service. According to him, this will ensure the protection of the Latvian state through a larger reservist army and wider involvement of residents.