Ülemiste City starts with the construction of an international educational quarter

  • 2023-06-19

Mainor Ülemiste signed a contract with NOBE, a construction company belonging to the Nordecon Group, for the construction of the first stage of the Ülemiste educational quarter, where the International School of Tallinn will start working in early 2025, and the Ülemiste community building will be opened.

The new procurement organized due to changes in the original project of the Ülemiste educational quarter was won by NOBE, who will construct a nearly 6000-square meter section of the building of the International School of Tallinn and the Ülemiste Community Building at Valukoja 9 during the first stage of the project. The total cost of the construction works is about 11.5 million euros net of VAT.

The campus currently houses the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, the International School of Tallinn's services from kindergarten to secondary school, Emili school and Kalli-kalli kindergarten. However, due to the planned construction of a Rail Baltic terminal replacing the current educational buildings and because of an increasing need for educational services, a new educational quarter is established in the middle of the Ülemiste campus.

“Educated professionals from Estonia and abroad have been one of the pillars of Ülemiste City as a smart city from the beginning. The campus of Ülemiste has grown and developed rapidly so far, and thinking about the future, it is necessary to build an international study quarter here, covering the entire educational path,” said Kadi Pärnits, the Chairman of the Board of Mainor AS, developer of Ülemiste City. “The first major steps on this path will be the completion of the new building of the International School of Tallinn, which offers IB education from preschool to high school, and the Ülemiste community building at the end of next year, to offer even more opportunities for sharing knowledge and being physically active, as well as a place for socialization.”

According to Ursel Velve, the Chairman of the Board of Mainor Ülemiste, the beginning of June has been a very busy time for Ülemiste City in many areas of development – a unique testing environment in the Nordic countries, Test City, was launched in the business campus, and the cornerstone was placed on the second Health Center, which allows the expansion of the health cluster here and the possibility of offering additional healthcare services. “Now it’s time for the educational quarter, the expansion of which has been long awaited to support the further multifaceted development of the campus. I am happy that we will start to develop the building created in cooperation with students, parents, teachers and service designers after a long period of planning and we will be able to experience a new modern environment already at the beginning of 2025 that will support both learning and movement and in turn will create even more green urban space in addition to our health developments,” she noted.

 ”Ülemiste City is becoming an independent city, where all services necessary for life are world-class. At NOBE, we highly value smart, versatile and multifunctional architecture, where the entire surface of the building has been put to use. For example, in the Ülemiste City educational quarter, the entire roof area is used for playgrounds and leisure facilities. To create the best environment, both solar protection glass and noise barriers are used on the buildings. Developer Mainor Ülemiste creates the dream learning environment for all children, but also opens the building to the community for use. As a resident of Ülemiste City, NOBE is happy to participate in the construction of the campus,” said the Board Member and Construction Director of NOBE, Priit Nigols.

According to Hannes Kaadu, head of the Estonian branch of OP Corporate Bank plc, OP highly values their cooperation with Mainor Ülemiste. “This project allows OP to again contribute to the development of the Estonian society. The Ülemiste educational quarter creates all prerequisites for the provision of international education and the developer has a clear vision on how to do it in the best possible way. As the complex is eco-friendly, we will provide a green loan. It coincides with OP's own sustainability program in many ways.”

Ülemiste City is the biggest business area in the Baltics developed by Mainor Ülemiste and Technopolis Ülemiste. The City’s 36 hectare-area includes 167 000 square metres of rentable office spaces. The area hosts more than 500 businesses and provides a work, home and living environment for nearly 16 000 people.