“Clay Rocks!” at the 4METRES Gallery in Daugavpils Fortress

  • 2022-03-31

From 31 March artist Delia Maxim offers her latest solo show, “Clay Rocks!”, at the glass exhibition space of the 4METRES Gallery in Daugavpils Fortress, 8 Hospitāļa Street.

Exhibition "Clay Rocks!" is a playful exploratory exercise in which ceramic materials are put together in a seemingly chaotic combinations, color schemes and textures. From the amorphous structure, the clay is fixed in specific outlines, in image-like surreal compositions united by the self-evident slogan “Clay Rocks!”. The exhibition seeks to explore and challenge the versatility of ceramics as a creative medium: being universal and unique, sustainable and enduring, this material encompasses poetry, narrative, fiction and complexity.

Trusting the process without being overly concerned about the outcome is a playful approach that leads to curiosity and intrigue. The innocent yet sophisticated nature of the pieces brings a dynamic approach to ceramics. The surrealistic forms are playful structures, made using a mixture of organic and geometric forms that are dynamic and compelling.

Delia Maxim was born in 1981, Romania. At present, she lives and works in Friedrichshafen, Germany and Baia Mare, Romania. After graduating from the Ceramics Department at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca, Romania, in 2014, she participated in several symposia and competitions in China (2019), Thailand (2018), Tunisia (2017) and Latvia (2015) and in art residencies in Germany (2017) and Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia (2019). Her notable recent solo shows are “6exi”, Thessaloniki, Greece (2018) and “Fantastic properties”, Manuars, Ravensburg, Germany (2015). In 2018, she organised the first edition of M.I.C.A.S. Maramures International Ceramic Art Symposium in Baia Mare, Romania.