6,334 Ukrainian refugees registered as unemployed in Estonia

  • 2022-12-27
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - As of Dec. 26, altogether 6,334 beneficiaries of international protection linked to Ukraine had registered as unemployed with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, accounting for 12.3 percent of all registered unemployed in Estonia.

Over the past week from Dec. 19 to 26, altogether 236 Ukrainian refugees registered with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, figures made available by the fund show.

During the week, the registered jobless status of 54 beneficiaries of international protection connected with Ukraine was terminated. In the case of 28 of them the jobless status was terminated at their own request and in the case of 23 due to the person having found a job. A total of 10,106 such people have been withdrawn from the unemployment register to date, 7,634 of them due to finding a job.

A total of 57.7 percent of the war refugees registered as unemployed were looking for work in Harju County, 11.2 percent in East-Viru County and 9.4 percent in Tartu County.

Of the registered unemployed beneficiaries of international protection, 77.5 percent are women and 22.5 percent men. By age group, 11.2 percent of the people registered as unemployed are in the 16-24 age group, 74.6 percent are in the 25-54 age group and 14.2 percent are aged over 55.

As much as 62.7 percent of the Ukrainian refugees who have registered as unemployed have higher education and 12.7 percent have vocational education. Of the registered unemployed, 17.8 percent are without professional education and the education level is unspecified in the case of 6.8 percent of registered unemployed.

By last occupation, service and sales employees make up the biggest share, 20.1 percent, followed by top specialists with 14.9 percent, unskilled workers with 13.1 percent and technicians and mid-level specialists with 11.5 percent. Those with no previous work experience make up 13.3 percent.

Of the new unemployed registered last week, 104 people, or 44.1 percent, are recipients of unemployment benefits. In total, 72.9 percent of those registered receive a benefit or allowance.