40% of Russian-speaking population in Latvia condemn war in Ukraine - poll

  • 2022-07-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - As many as 40 percent of Russian-speaking population in Latvia condemn Russia's war in Ukraine, but mot of them or 60 percent do not support demolition of the Soviet-era Victory monument in Riga, according to a survey conducted by SKDS, commissioned by lsm.lv and rus.lsm.lv portals.

In June 2022, Latvian residents were asked to voice their opinion about Russia's actions in Ukraine, and 73 percent of respondents said that the condemn Russia's aggression. 13 percent said that their attitude is neutral and 5 percent support Russia in this respect.

Analyzing responses of the Russian-speaking population, 40 percent condemned Russia's aggression in Ukraine, 12 percent support it, and 28 percent voiced a neutral attitude. Another 19 percent of respondents did not respond to this question.

In spring, SKDS carried out a similar survey with a different question, asking respondents which side they support. The share of respondents supporting Russia has declined - from 21 percent in early March, to 13 percent in late April. The share of Russian-speaking population supporting Ukraine has increased from 22 percent in early March to 30 percent in late April.

In June, the Russian-speaking population condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine were mostly respondents, aged 18-34, with higher education, Latvian citizens, people with medium, medium-high or high income, and residents of Kurzeme region.

Russia's actions were supported mostly by men, aged 55-63, respondents without Latvian citizenship, private sector employees, people with medium level income and from rural territories.

The plan to demolish the Victory Monument in Riga is supported by 49 percent of Latvian residents, while 35 percent are against it. Among Russian-speaking population, 9 percent support the idea, 55 percent definitely do not support it, and 21 percent are rather against it.

Among Latvian-speaking population, 72 percent of respondents support demolition of the monument and 10 percent are against it.

Of the respondents who condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine, 66 percent support demolition of the monument. Of the Russian-speaking population who condemned Russia's actions, 60 percent were against demolition of the monument.