30 criminal processes started in Latvia in relation with Russia's war in Ukraine

  • 2022-04-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In relation with Russia's war in Ukraine, the State Police has recorded a number of administrative offenses and criminal offenses, launching 30 criminal processes, more than 60 administrative procedures and more than 120 probes, LETA learned from the police.

The administrative offenses and probes mostly are related with use of symbols and letters supporting Russia's aggression in Ukraine or hooligan activities, disturbing public order and norms.

Violations targeting Ukrainians are few - mostly damages done to Ukrainian cars or stealth of Ukrainian number plates, and criminal procedures have been launched in these cases. Also cases of stealing or damaging of Ukrainian national flags are being investigated in criminal cases. Persons committing these crimes have been identified and detained.

In a week, several cases where reported on damaging objects of flags placed at Kronvalda Park in support for Ukraine. In all cases the persons were identified, fined, and in one case a criminal procedure has been started.