19 local governments ask association to convene extraordinary council meeting to discuss suspension of territorial reform

  • 2019-09-11
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Heads of 19 local governments have asked Gints Kaminskis, the chairman of the Latvian Association and Local Governments (LPS), to convene an extraordinary closed council meeting on suspending the territorial reform.

Heads of the local governments propose to discuss suspension of the unprepared and unmanageable territorial reform as proposed by the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry.

The local governments believe that it is necessary for the State Audit Office to assess the study conducted by the ministry's experts, truthfulness of the used data and use of financing for the study.

The local governments also plan to demand the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry to stop the deceiving political advertisements in favor of the territorial reform.

The call for the extraordinary LPS council meeting has been signed by heads of Aloja, Amata, Beverina, Burtnieki, Cesvaine, Jaunpiebalga, Koceni, Lubana, Mazsalaca, Naukseni, Ligatne , Pargauja, Priekuli, Rauna, Rujiena, Smiltene, Salacgriva, Strenci and Vecpiebalga municipalities.