100-kilogram aircraft bomb found in Tartu's Raadi district

  • 2023-07-04
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – A 100-kilogram aircraft bomb was found during excavation work near the intersection of Raadiraja and Muuseumi roads in the Raadi district of Tartu on Tuesday morning and will be destroyed by explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts at the training grounds of the Estonian defense forces in East-Viru County.

The EOD experts of the Rescue Board were immediately notified of the find via the emergency number 112. The EOD experts determined that the bomb had no detonators and was safe to transport. The removal of the explosive device was secured by rescuers and police officers. The bomb was transported under police escort to East-Viru County, where it will be destroyed at the training grounds of the defense forces.

According to Indrek Tonson, head of the EOD group for South Estonia, such finds are rather common in the area of the old military airfield and cooperation with the builders in rendering them harmless is good.

"We have repeatedly given builders working in that area information on how to recognize dangerous objects and how to behave when they are found," Tonson said. "Thanks to this, all dangerous situations so far have been resolved promptly, without casualties or damage to the surroundings."

EOD experts stressed that all explosives are intended for warfare, killing and causing great injury. The more rusty and in poor condition an explosive is, the greater the danger it poses to a person. A seemingly safe explosive can detonate when moved, leading to tragic consequences. Dangerous items must be reported immediately by calling 112.