Z-Towers commissioned by Riga City Construction Board

  • 2020-01-14
  • TBT Staff

Representatives of JSC Towers Construction Management, developer of the tallest building project in the last decade, announced that the Riga City Construction Board has commissioned Z-Towers. Issued on January 10th, the approval means that several companies and tenants which have planned to house their offices in the high-rise buildings will soon be able to move in. Apartment rentals, including adaptations to the needs of their new residents, will also resume.

“This has been one of the country’s most technically complicated construction projects, with an investment of over 250 million Euro during its 13 years of construction,” said Andžejs Neguliners, Commercial Director of JSC Towers Construction Management. “During this time, we have created the opportunity to provide Class A office and residential space, in addition to a variety of services including restaurants, shops, spas and fitness centres. The buildings will also host conference rooms and unique event premises. A number of notable cultural event planners have already shown tremendous interest in visiting Z-Towers.

“We would like to thank all the parties involved in the project: Andis Silis, architect of Z-Towers; the companies Merks, AECOM, CMB, and IG Kurbads; as well as the staff of the Riga City Construction Board for their cooperation through these past years. We are pleased to begin the new year with such good news. In the upcoming months we will be hard at work fitting out the premises to the needs of their tenants, and the spirit of business will again be in the air at 30 Raņķa dambis,” concluded Mr. Neguliners.

The document issued by the Riga City Construction Board attests to the building’s safety and its suitability for use, in addition to approving the project’s compliance with relevant legislations. Z-Towers is a mixed-use project: both high-rises will be home to offices and apartments, with the first five floors housing public indoor spaces of the scale found in major cities of the world. Four historic wooden buildings have been restored within the framework of the project, and infrastructure has been improved, including the construction of a children’s playground and public park, streamlining of traffic flow, and the installation of appropriate street lighting.

About Z-Towers:

The multi-functional real estate project Z-Towers, with 90,000 m 2 of space for offices, apartments and commercial purposes, is the tallest building project in Riga with an amazing panoramic view from each of its 30 floors. The project’s strategic location—just across the River Daugava, opposite Old Riga—will enable it to become home to many leading local and international companies. Tenants of both offices and apartments alike will be provided with a modern environment and up-to-date infrastructure meeting every possible need. Z-Towers project includes various restaurants, a fitness centre with swimming pool, underground parking for 700 vehicles, and an electric vehicle charging station.