World's First Autonomous Shuttle Helicopter Detection Test – Auve Tech Iseauto Leading the Way

  • 2023-06-01

Auve Tech, a leading provider of autonomous transport solutions, announced today a groundbreaking achievement in the field. The company has successfully conducted the world's first vertical test, comparing the capabilities of an autonomous vehicle, Iseauto, to detect airborne helicopters at varying heights and distances. 

This test was a crucial step in assessing Iseauto's potential to expand its autonomous driving capabilities to airport aprons and parking areas where helicopter movements are frequent.

During the testing process, valuable data was gathered on the autonomous vehicle's ability to detect and respond to helicopters in the air at different heights and distances. The aim was to evaluate how effectively Iseauto can integrate into complex airport environments where airborne helicopters are a common occurrence.

"This test provides us with valuable insights and understanding of the visual range and responsiveness of autonomous vehicles in airport settings, where various aircraft operate in close proximity," said Johannes Mossov, CEO at Auve Tech. "If Iseauto can successfully detect and interact with airborne helicopters, it opens up possibilities to expand autonomous driving to areas where aircraft activity is prominent. The test results lay the foundation for further development and enhancement of the autonomous vehicle's perception capabilities in airport environments."

As pioneers in conducting such a test, Auve Tech demonstrates its commitment to technological innovation and the advancement of autonomous transport. This achievement solidifies Auve Tech's position as a leading force in the field of autonomous transportation and creates new opportunities for efficient airport management and operations.

Auve Tech's autonomous vehicles have already proven their reliability and efficiency by providing passengers with convenient and safe transportation, even in extreme weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. The test results provide us with confidence and drive to continue driving innovation and sustainability in the field of autonomous transport solutions.