Workland is opening a new coworking centre in Tallinn

  • 2023-12-19

The largest network of coworking centres in the Baltic and Nordic countries, Workland, continues its expansion and is set to open its sixth centre in early summer in the Vektor building in Tallinn.

Set to launch in early summer 2024 at the Vektor building, this new coworking space spans 2200 square meters, providing a workspace for nearly 250 people.

Indrek Hääl, the founder and chairman of the board of Workland, stated that similar to other Workland centres, the new space in Vektor building will focus on a comfortable and focus-friendly work environment and flexible lease terms.

"As this year ends, it's an excellent time to review office expenses, forecast the new period, and explore the market. A coworking centre can offer a workspace- and budget-friendly alternative," encourages Hääl. According to international data, companies can save over 30% on operating costs from a coworking space.

Hääl adds that global trends indicate a growing popularity of coworking spaces, with an estimated annual growth of 15%. The increasing number of remote workers and freelancers significantly contributes to this trend. This pattern is observed in the Baltic countries and Finland, where new coworking spaces are established annually.

He also explains that real estate developers in the Baltics also consider the trend, where 25% of each new development could be available for flexible leasing. This is often done through partnerships with experienced entities like Workland. "A coworking centre in a new business development has several advantages - the developer can more effectively attract tenants to their other spaces, as the coworking centre brings added flexibility, providing the opportunity to rent additional office space or meeting rooms based on demand," he explains.

Workland is a market leader with 16 centres across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, and our expansion continues into the upcoming year. In addition to the Vektor building in Tallinn, we are excited to announce new centres in Riga's Galleria shopping centre and an expansion in Riga's Verde centre.Workland Vektor is located conveniently near the city center on Pärnu mnt and is easily accessible by public transport and car. The second-floor space of our new coworking center has meeting rooms, communal areas, a kitchen, and all essential amenities of a modern office. With flexible lease conditions, you can move in effortlessly, enjoying ready-to-use desks, chairs, internet connection, and other necessary work equipment. The cherry on top? A rooftop oasis featuring a spacious terrace and community garden for networking and collaboration.