Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2019-01-31

Chez Andre, Tartu

Don’t let first impressions fool you. Chez André should be classed several notches above the loungey café that it appears from the outside. Imagine buttering fresh-baked cornbread while Frankie sings longingly about summer winds, then sampling one of the classics or nouvelle cuisine mains crafted by Chef André. It’s priced at the higher end of the scale, but the food certainly won’t disappoint.

Chez André is a restaurant that despite its elegant interior very much carries some of that special Tartu spirit. You can’t help not to drool by just reading the menu, but wait until you actually see the food. Dishes are creative and not only beautifully served, but also delicious. The ravioli are possibly the best you can have in Estonia.

Their diverse menu covers pretty much everything from pizza to reindeer, with most of the animal kingdom represented. Besides the gorgeous looking foods, Chez André deserves extra credit for their modern take on the Tartu look.

Let your senses be pampered with their gastronomic know-how. Bring yourself, bring your family, bring your friends and indulge in a whole new world of flavors from á la carte menu or as part of the restaurant’s special theme nights.

The address is 3 Küütri tn, Tartu. To book a table, please call the restaurant staff (+372) 7442085 or email