Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2018-08-02

Joyce, Tartu

Joyce is the very place, where you can not only spend whole evenings in good company, but also simply step in for a quick drink on a date. Quality time spent in good company and impressive selection of flavors in an exciting interior is the source of pure joy. 

Joyce is one of the most creative restaurants in Estonia. There is no doubt about it. It combines the two essential components in the world of enjoyment. First of these is choice. Choice between good and better. Choice between exquisite and exceptional. Choice between two unforgettable things. Due to namely the choices that Joyce offers in their menu, the word ‘choice’ forms part of the restaurant’s name. 

But choices alone will not do. We also need the skill to feel joy about the choices we have made. To experience and to enjoy. To try and to discover. Joy from masterful taste sensations is the second definite value of the restaurant Joyce. Therefore, ‘joy’ is another part of the restaurant’s name. These are the two components that inspired the restaurant called Joyce.

Come make your own choice and feel the joy at Joyce! The address is 2 Riia tänav, Tartu (part of V Spa & Conference Centre). You can book a table via website, email or phone (+372) 5321 7500.