Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2018-08-30

Art Hub, Daugavpils

If you happen to be in Latvia’s second biggest city, Daugavpils, Art Hub is a must-visit. The restaurant’s chefs were inspired by the blending of artistic traditions and modern trends of healthy nutrition to create a special local cuisine menu.  An exigent visitor will notice the harmony of European culinary traditions with daring various cuisines notes.

Your chosen dish goes through its long way from choosing the supplier (the chefs certainly give the undoubted advantage to local products), appropriate storage, careful processing combined with modern methods of cooking. Meat, fish and vegetables from a coal grill oven keep its natural taste flavor, and gets enriched with the unique aroma of heating coals. After tasting the coal-prepared food, you will realize, that is has a completely unique taste.

The restaurant popularizes the slow food motion. It means that Art Hub cares about the origin of the products and the cooking traditions, which hardly goes together with fast food preparation.

In its turn, the restaurant’s interior reflects the romantic atmosphere of Jurmala city in the 1930’s and makes the waiting time more pleasant. Wooden carved decorations on the walls were made by loving hands of Latgale region masters and will help you identify with old times. The address is 54a Riga Street, Daugavpils. You can book a table by calling +371 2 54 54 54.