Wine & Dine Guide

  • 2016-10-05

Manned by expert chef Raimonds Zommers, this charming restaurant is a touch of France — the birthplace of fine dining.
At Entresol, classical style remains the heart and soul with the latest trends at the forefront. Lovely and comfortable with subtle elegance and, naturally, standards of excellence are the trademark of this spotlight project: a dining establishment with the unusual name of Entresol, located in the very heart of Riga.

Exquisite interior, unforgettable atmosphere, Latvian products, and discoveries of new taste
all inspired and prepared by the chef. Zommers, probably the most titular chef in Latvia, is also a mentor for the young chef-talent organisation. Slick and canny, yet heartfelt interior by the local designers enhances the great ambition of Raimonds — to invent the modern Latvian cuisine and make it world-acclaimed. Seasonal ingredients are prepared using the latest cooking technologies (sous vide, dehydration, fermentation, etc.) by award-winning cooks in the open kitchen. But please don’t feel jittery; the atmosphere is light, the service is cheerful, and the prices are affordable.
Here your taste buds will have a jolly holiday. Eleven appetizers of wide variety along with the standard fare greet you — to get you rolling on this flavour-sensation carousel.

Foremost, Raimonds Zommers carries the quality seal, rest assured, so prepare yourself for something “seasonal and sensational, with artistic flair.”
Come and spoil yourself with some haute cuisine at 22, Elizabetes Street, Riga, or call (+371) 20122220 to book a table.

Restaurant’s official webpage is