Why Poland is a Perfect Market for Baltic Companies to Expand Into

  • 2024-07-10

Poland is the perfect country for Baltic businesses to grow, and it might be perfect for your company too. Located in Central Europe, Poland acts as a gateway between Western and Eastern European markets, giving you access to a huge consumer base of 37.6 million people.

Poland's GDP per person is higher than in Greece and Portugal. It's also set to pass Spain's. Cities like Warsaw and Wrocław have GDP per person above the EU average. This makes Poland a great place for Baltic firms to invest.

Poland's steady growth, strong export ties, and low unemployment rates make it a great market for Baltic firms. These factors offer businesses a chance to grow in one of Europe's most promising economies.

Here are some key stats about the Polish population that highlight why expanding your company there is a great idea:

- Rising Middle Class - The purchasing power of Polish consumers has been steadily increasing, with a growing middle class eager to spend on a variety of goods and services.

- High Education Levels - Over 46% of Poles aged 25-34 have higher education degrees, providing a skilled and educated workforce.

- Tech Savvy - Poland has a high internet penetration rate, with over 88% (!) of the population using the internet regularly, supporting the growth of e-commerce and digital services.

Adapting Business Models for Polish Consumers

For Baltic firms, understanding Polish consumers is key to success in Poland. They need to know that Polish people are very price-conscious but also value quality. Companies like Taco Bell, eBay, Chevrolet, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and Armani failed because they didn't make their products fit the Polish market well.

Localizing Products and Services

It's very important to make products and services fit the Polish market. This means changing the product to suit local tastes and using the Polish language. Even though many Poles speak English, many prefer Polish. Using the local language can really help a business succeed in Poland. This is where Architecture of Sales comes in – we can provide you with a dedicated sales rep for your company who is a Polish native to help you when entering the Polish market.

Poland's big cities like Warsaw and Wrocław have high incomes, but people's tastes vary by region. Knowing these differences helps businesses tailor their products to Polish consumers better.

Poland's Market Entry Tips

It's important to avoid common mistakes when entering the Polish market. Here are a few big ones to watch out for:

- Don't sleep on payment systems - Poland is a leading country in the EU in terms of banking. Polish people  There are 16 million users of BLIK instant payment system, but also contactless debit cards are widely used.

- Parcel lockers - If you are doing ecommerce in Poland then you just have to offer Paczkomat as a delivery option. InPost in 2022 made 745 million parcel locker deliveries in Poland.

- Reactive marketing - Polish people love reactive marketing if it's done right and there are countless examples of companies using social media and memes getting huge boosts brands awareness thanks to that.

By carefully adapting their offerings and avoiding these mistakes, Baltic firms can greatly improve their chances in Poland. This ensures their strategies match Polish consumer behavior well. If you are interested in expanding your business activities to Poland then make sure to visit ArchitectureofSales.com and contact us.