Website with part of KGB archive in Latvia launched

  • 2018-12-21
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Today, a part of the Latvian archive of the former Soviet secret service KGB was made available to the public at

The KGB documents published on the website include alphabetic and statistical card indexes, recruited KGB agents’ dossiers, KGB employees’ phonebooks containing information on KGB employees, as well as materials on the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Soviet Latvia.

The batches of KGB documents published today on the special website can be accessed from the National Archives Management's home page, The address of the special website for KGB files is

Persons who wish to access the website and see KGB documents have to register, so they could be identified if they happen to violate the General Data Protection Regulation.

This year's publication of KGB files will be like a virtual exhibition made up of KGB documents and explanatory notes. As reported, the published documents will include phone catalogs, listing KGB employees, and card index, listing outside collaborators.

According to the National Archives Management, most of the KGB documents to be published tomorrow are in Russian and handwritten.