We must not import foreign workforce that support crime and terrorism or oppose democracy - MP Latkovskis

  • 2023-10-17
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia must not import workforce from foreign countries that support terrorism, are heavily involved in organized crime or oppose democracy, Ainars Latkovskis (New Unity), Chairman of the Saeima National Security Committee, told LETA. 

The lawmaker said that it is for the government to decide on importing foreign workers to alleviate labor shortages in Latvia. 

In Europe, we can see in which countries people support terrorism, tend to get involved in organized crime or oppose democracy, the chairman of the Saeima committee said, stressing that he would be strictly against inviting citizens of such countries to work in Latvia. 

If in response to business organizations' calls foreign workforce is attracted to fill the job vacancies, then careful consideration should be given to which countries' citizens should be allowed to work in Latvia, Latkovskis said. He added that on this issue, Latvia needs to balance its economic and security needs.

Latkovskis also warned the government and businesses against taking an easy approach to foreign workforce, noting that an excessive influx of economic immigrants have already led to security problems in some Western countries. 

Authorities must also make sure the approved foreign workers arrive strictly to perform their specific jobs, the lawmaker said. 

Latkovskis also welcomed the intention of Germany's government coalition to start curbing immigration, saying that any decisions aimed at restricting immigration within the EU should be seen as positive. 

Latkovskis also noted that even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Latvia missed a very good opportunity to attract workforce from Ukraine because of objections raised by the National Alliance.