We must always be ready to defend our country, our people and our democracy - Levits

  • 2022-10-27
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - We must always be ready to defend our country, our people and our democracy, President Egils Levits emphasized in his speech at the flag ceremony of the National Armed Forces' School of Communications on Thursday.

At a time Ukraine is bravely fighting for independence and freedom and we see crimes committed by the Russian invaders, we are clearly aware that we must always be ready to defend our country, our people and our democracy, said Levits. He said he was confident that the Armed Forces, including the School of Communications, were ready for this task.

"Today is an important day not only for the School of Communications and the Training Command, but for the entire Latvian National Armed Forces. Today you received the flag of your unit. Every unit is complete only when it has its own flag," said the president.

Levits reminded that the School of Communications was founded on May 15, 1992. However, its roots go back to the Communication Unit of the Electrotechnical Division, established in 1919.

According to the president, since 1991, when the Armed Forces had obsolete and basic equipment, the tasks of the School of Communications have changed thoroughly. Communications specialists now have to work with computer equipment, computer programs and encryption technologies of NATO and the European Union.

A lot has been done in these years, said Levits, emphasizing that successful modern communication technology requires intelligent, educated and resourceful soldiers.

"The purpose of your school is to train and prepare such specialists for all the Armed Forces. How successfully you fulfill your task could decide the success of our soldiers and units in real combat operations, in defense of our homeland. This is a great responsibility," the president said.

Addressing the soldiers of the School of Communications, Levits stressed that for every soldier in a unit, its flag was sacred.

"The flag of your school displays both the emblem of your school and an ancient Latvian warrior fighting the black knight. We don't have to think long to tell who the black knight is today," said Levits. He wished the soldiers to hold their proud flag high and be faithful to its motto, both today and in the future.

According to the Defense Ministry, also attending the flag ceremony at the School of Communications were Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (Development/For), Chief of Defense, Lieutenant General Leonids Kalnins, Commander of Training and Doctrine Command, Colonel Oskars Kudlis, and the School of Communications Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Almants Naglis.