War in Ukraine is war about values and about what order will rule in Europe - Karins

  • 2023-01-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Russia's war in Ukraine is not only a war of Russian imperialists, but also a war about values and what order will rule in Europe, including whether there will be freedom, democracy and the rule of law or brutal dictatorship will prevail, said Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) at the Saeima meeting on Thursday.

"Russia's war in Ukraine is brutal and it is unbelievable that this happens here in Europe," said the prime minister, adding that we have to do everything possible to support Ukraine not only in war with weapons, ammunition and drones, but also with humanitarian, medical and financial assistance.

"Ukraine should keep up not only on the battle field, but also on the field of values and we, Europe, should clearly say "it's enough, the time of dictatorship is over!", the prime minister said.

"If the aggressive neighbor wants and plans to increase his army, we should respond in a similar way - we should become stronger so that we can help Ukraine better and stand against Russia and its imperialism. We should stand against it, protecting also our country, family and children," said Karins.

Karins also said that the country may become stronger only by conducting a broad economic transformation as a result of which export will increase, the education system will be able to prepare youth who are able to work in this economy, increasing energy security, competitiveness and the quality of life will improve.

The prime minister in his speech thanked NATO partners and said that it is necessary to strengthen the country's military capacity.