Wallester starts live testing of their new contactless payment method in the Baltics and the Nordics

  • 2019-03-25
  • TBT Staff

Estonian financial technology start-up company AS Wallester has begun limited real-life testing of its first contactless-only Visa payment cards. But instead of plastic card the new payment product is basically a sticker that can be attached to any surface, including a mobile phone.

The company recognizes the need of its business customers to offer their clients additional convenience and flexibility throughout the transaction process, including support for contactless payments. In the near future Wallester plans to add other technologies to its portfolio as it continues to extend its offerings beyond traditional plastic card products.

Imagine going to the store or café without your wallet, but no problem there - you can pay with your phone, because it has the payment card chip attached to its back. When paying your bill you just have to hover your phone over the merchant terminal to make the purchase.

Wallester AS, partnering with Visa and Worldline, has focused on development of new flexible and frictionless payment solutions that allow businesses to enhance its client purchase experience. The contactless Visa cards utilize a small form factor and self-adhesive layer; its measurements (size: 29x48 mm, thickness: ~1mm) allows it to be attached practically to any surface. The stickers can be used at all Visa certified wireless payment terminals or online as virtual cards.

“We are pleased to launch the contactless payment stickers on our service platform. We believe that new digital payment technologies will continue to transform the market and dominate the future product offerings in Europe where they now account for most of the transactions. To help our customers monetize the opportunity, we are fully committed to a digital product development roadmap, which includes small-form (SIM-sized) wearable contactless, and innovative security technologies such as Visa Token Service (VTS) usable with Apple Pay. Wallester will continue to develop solutions to target the evolving market demand and consumer preferences,” stated Ahto Pärl, CEO of Wallester AS.

Wallester AS is a European financial technology company focused on developing digital payment platforms for its customers. We provide businesses with white label solutions for electronic payment transactions based on Visa payment technologies. Wallester’s innovative cloud-based service platform guarantees our customers the best-of-class speed to market based on flexible product launch capabilities and requisite compliancy and infrastructure support.