Viveo Health launches Viveo health solution that ensures quick access to medical care

  • 2019-02-21
  • TBT Staff

ESTONIA - Viveo Health established by entrepreneur Raul Källo has introduced Viveo’s Personal Health Concierge services to the Estonian market, ensuring quick access to specialist medical care and bringing additional funds to the sector in collaboration with employers.

According to Raul Källo, the owner and CEO of Viveo Health, the greatest challenge for undertakings is holding on to good employees. “Together with Estonia’s largest employers, we have developed the most innovative health care platform that provides quick access to diagnostic medical care for its clients. We use digital solutions and telemedicine co-operation with our partners—both private and public hospitals and clinics,” said Källo. Viveo’s team thinks that new solutions provide responsible companies a clear competitive advantage.

To pay medical bills, Viveo Health has entered into a group insurance contract with the Fortune 500 insurance company Amtrust.

The users of Viveo health solution will be provided access to the Personal Health Concierge team composed of doctors and nurses who can be contacted by clients 7 days a week and 12 hours a day. Access to the client’s health data allows specialists to familiarize themselves with the user’s health condition and medical history as well as their potential health problems, which helps them to provide the best solutions to maintain the user’s health. This service is free for employees appreciated by their employers.

According to Viveo Health’s Head of Partner Relations Ester Eomois, employee satisfaction is of major importance to employers during the next economic cycle. “We see that Estonian employers have almost run out of ideas of how to motivate employees. They have come up with better wages, various employer benefits, flexible work hours, health clubs, and summer gatherings. We believe that Viveo health solution can distinguish an employer and help to provide long-term motivation to employees,” said Eomois.

As an innovative solution, the Personal Health Concierge team uses phone and video consulting that allow a user to contact a doctor quickly and conveniently in case of a health issue without having to actually turn up to an appointment. The Personal Health Concierge team helps to finds a solution to clients’ health problems even if the service is paid for by the health insurance fund or the employee in the end.

In recent years, employees’ expectations for their employers and the latter’s interest to support and motivate their employees has grown. Not only does the Viveo health solution provide an additional motivation package, it also helps to highlight employers to whom the health and welfare of employees are a priority.

Viveo’s solution brings additional funds to public health care—3,000 euros for each 400 euros invested by the employer. An informed patient, whose health problem has already been examined and who has been directed to a specialist is an additional bonus. Such a solution saves time for both patients and doctors.

Viveo Health is owned by entrepreneur Raul Källo. For over 20 years, Källo has been offering insurance solutions, previously having headed Vandeni Kindlustusmaaklerid AS and The Magnitude in London.