Viktors Toropovs – Head of Sustainability Development at SEB Latvia

  • 2021-11-24

In order to address sustainability issues in a coordinated and effective manner and to facilitate the economy’s transition to sustainable development, SEB banka has appointed Viktors Toropovs to head SEB banka’s sustainability area in Latvia – a new role at SEB banka. V. Toropovs is a member of SEB’s newly established Sustainability Bureau in the Baltics, where he is responsible for sustainability in the Baltic countries together with his Lithuanian and Estonian colleagues.

Given the significance of climate change and the matters that need to be addressed in the areas of inclusion and diversity and in promoting good governance, this is both a strategic and a very logical step to achieve the sustainability goals of SEB. We want to be a trendsetter in this area, i. e, to offer our customers a wide range of sustainable products, to provide first-class support and advice to companies in their transformation and, of course, to ensure that the Bank operates in line with the ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

“Currently, sustainability issues play an important role on the Bank’s agenda. We see a lot of activity from public organisations, our customers, legislators, market supervisors and the regulator in this area. From the Bank’s perspective, we are already working every day on the current issues of climate neutrality, social responsibility and good corporate governance. We believe we can have the greatest positive impact on the climate by working with our clients and the national business community to help them transition to sustainable development. Viktor’s experience in developing new businesses in the technology sector and improving the innovation ecosystem on a national level will be particularly useful for the newly established SEB Baltic Sustainability Development Bureau,” says Ieva Tetere, CEO of SEB Banka.

Viktors Toropovs joined SEB banka on 2 August 2017 as Head of Sustainability Development. Previously, he gained extensive experience in various areas, including the banking sector. From 2011 to 2017, he was part of SEB banka’s team, managing the branch network and the Business Development Department. Previously, Viktors managed a branch network of insurance companies Balta and GE Money Banka. In recent years he was Head of Business Development at Latvian telecommunications and technology company Tet, where he was responsible for developing new business in the technology sector. Viktors Toropovs holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration.