Venipak invests €0.5 million in expanding the parcel locker network

  • 2023-05-15

International parcel company Venipak announced it will expand its parcel locker network in Lithuania. The first company to bring a contactless parcel locker to the market will open a few thousand additional lockers.

Lithuania currently has 251 Venipak parcel lockers. The company plans to add 90 new lockers in the near future, as well as around 50 new two-post parcel lockers with a card payment function. Half a million euros has been earmarked for investment. The expansion of parcel lockers is foreseen both in the cities and in the regions, especially where they are less concentrated.

“We have designed the parcel lockers so that we can quickly increase the size thereof when needed. Once we saw that we were already operating parcel lockers in the areas with the highest traffic volumes at almost 100%, we decided to expand. We hope that the additional parcel lockers will meet the customers’ needs to collect parcels closer to home,” Justas Šablinskas, CEO of Venipak, commented on the expansion.

More than half of the population prefers parcel lockers

According to the Communications Regulatory Authority, around 55% of consumers use parcel lockers to send and receive parcels. In April this year, a survey of Baltic residents commissioned by Venipak found that only 24% of Lithuanians, 18% of Latvians, and 15% of Estonians choose doorstep delivery. In contrast, 64%, 62%, and some 70% of people in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, respectively, prioritize parcel lockers for convenience.

J. Šablinskas believes that the trends are positive for both consumers and service providers. It is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly, he says.

“Thinking about the efficiency of parcel lockers, we have developed doors that open with a QR code. This year, we are working with the technology team to improve the service with a focus on environmental principles. We must also continue to meet the growing expectations of our customers in relation to e-commerce. Consumers expect speed, convenience, and same-day delivery,” Venipak’s CEO said, talking about the process of updating parcel lockers.

The company now operates 251 parcel lockers in Lithuania and 201 in Latvia. Estonia is currently undergoing the process of expanding the parcel locker network. Customers already have access to half of the planned 151 post offices. Venipak manufactures its parcel lockers in Lithuania.