Venipak has installed 83 new contactless parcel machines in Estonia

  • 2023-05-04

The international logistics company Venipak is building a network of 151 parcel machines in Estonia this year, of which 83 - more than half - have already been installed in various locations in Estonia.

The brand-new parcel machines are already in operation in major cities such as Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Narva, Haapsalu as well as in smaller towns such as Märjamaa, Aseri, Ülenurme, Pärnu-Jaagupi. All the installed machines are in easily accessible and walkable places to make it as convenient as possible for customers to collect their parcels.

According to Justas Šablinskas, CEO of Venipak, the new machines have been installed very quickly. "We have installed more than half of the planned new parcel machines in Estonia within two months. This is an important milestone that demonstrates our ability to expand and grow at the planned pace. We will continue to commit ourselves to provide our customers a fast, reliable, and convenient service," explained Šablinskas.

According to Martten Kaldvee, Sales Director of Venipak Estonia, the launch of the new parcel machines has been smooth, and consumers are using the possibility to receive their parcels contactlessly. "Although the Estonian market is highly competitive, there is plenty of room for growth. E-commerce is not showing signs of slowing down, but on the contrary, it continues to grow. According to the E-Commerce Union, the volume of e-commerce parcel machines in the first quarter was 3.3 million, more than 400 000 parcels more than in the same period a year ago. This means that more and more goods are being ordered through parcel machines," explained Kaldvee.

The QR code link sent by SMS is secure

user-friendliness and accessibility have become increasingly important in e-commerce, and this is where Venipak's contactless machines have a clear advantage.

To retrieve a parcel contactlessly, the customer receives a message on their phone that links to a QR code. "In the SMS sent by Venipak, you will find a link to followed by a six-digit PIN code. The customer clicks on the link in the message to unlock the QR code, which must be directed to the labelled camera on the parcel machine to open the locker. It is important to remember that after clicking on the link, the customer does not have to enter any information, but only show the code to open the door. To use the QR code, you must have an internet connection on your phone," said Kaldvee.

The parcel can still be picked up with the PIN code in the SMS if the customer does not have a smartphone or cannot scan the QR code. The contactless feature reduces the time it takes to pick up a parcel from the locker from the usual 20 seconds to just three seconds.

The parcel machines are produced by the Lithuanian company Lanksti linija and can be used to receive, send and return parcels. Venipak is currently integrating the service into its e-shops and, with the gradual increase of the network of parcel machines, all functionalities will become available to customers.

The exact locations of Venipak's parcel machines and pick-up points can be found here: