Users appreciate DEAC's new platform

  • 2023-04-19
  • Kristine Stalidzane

Already in the first three weeks since the largest, most technologically advanced provider of cloud computing and IT infrastructure solutions in Northern Europe, data centre DEAC, announced the availability of the new automated digital platform myDEAC, the first 1000 users registered for it. The number of users continues to grow steadily every month, and the company receives more and more acknowledgement from users for this convenient and modern solution.

The platform announced on 12 January, which provides immediate access to the necessary IT resources and a more convenient Pay-as-you-go payment system model, received positive feedback from the first customers for many important functions and options.

"Users appreciate the simple registration process and the clear user interface, which is as advanced and transparent as many globally popular platforms. The configuration options and performance of the virtual servers are also acknowledged, as it demonstrates good results even in geographically remote locations. We have received a particularly high assessment for the graphic part of the platform's monitoring, which, according to the users, is easy to find, transparent and clear," Andris Gailītis, Chairman of the Board of SIA DEAC, shares the first reviews, adding that the quick reaction and response time of the technical service also received a positive assessment.

Words are confirmed by numbers – 95% of current users admitted in the survey that they would recommend the myDEAC platform to their acquaintances or friends. At the same time, it has been found out for which purposes users most often use virtual servers. They are being used for creating VPN networks, testing programs, making backup copies, hosting websites and for other purposes.

The versatile myDEAC platform provides a wide range of options important to users. It offers to create and manage virtual servers, as well as to order other services online. MyDEAC is a highly developed backup scheme that allows the customer to make very detailed and precise backup settings themselves. Many major competitors do not have offer such an option. The platform has a built-in interactive schedule for displaying the network of virtual servers, which changes dynamically, depending on the number of created servers, installed firewalls and other settings. Thus, the customer does not need to manually draw network diagrams, as they are created and displayed automatically.

A significant advantage is the extensive manoeuvrability. The platform is designed in such a way that the user can create, suspend or completely stop using their virtual server at any time, or purchase it for just a few hours, paying only for the used time. Besides, this platform is an updated version of the customer office for both existing and new customers, who will be able to conveniently view contracts, existing services, receive and pay invoices, as well as order new services. A Pay-as-you-go payment model is also available, which allows the customer to pay only for the used services.

About DEAC

DEAC is one of the largest independent data centre operators in Northern Europe, owned by a Swiss investment infrastructure fund managed by Quaero Capital. DEAC operates in major cities of Central and Eastern Europe. DEAC serves thousands of customers in more than 40 countries, offering innovative IT services and applying individual business approaches and top-class technologies.