UNEXPECTED SOURCES sound installation at Cesis Art Festival

  • 2018-06-30
  • TBT Staff

As part of this summer’s edition of the Cēsis Art Festival, on 27‒29 July 2018, the TĪRKULTŪRA radio programme of the LR3 public radio station is going to transform into a 36-hour sound installation UNEXPECTED SOURCES. Its venue in Lenču Street will host live sessions and performances by master of analogue synthesizers John Maus, PhD (USA); synthesizers of ambient music Visible Cloaks and the unpigeonholeable Motion Graphics from New York; electro-acoustic percussionist Andrea Belfi (Italy); the American avant-garde filmmaker James Benning; the music producer and DJ representing the Paris underground scene Colin Johnco; the spa-pop band Gents from Copenhagen; the world-class Lithuanian DJ Manfredas, as well as a string of brilliant internationally acclaimed talents from Latvia ‒ the guitar genius Edgars Rubenis, the enigmatic avant-garde pop duo Domenique Dumont, artists Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, Atis Jākobsons and many others. The programme is subject to addition.

Cēsis Art Festival will see the TĪRKULTŪRA (PURE CULTURE) radio programme expand beyond the FM frequency of the Klasika Radio 3 station, transforming into a spatial and visual sound installation Negaidītie avoti / Unexpected Sources, 36 hours’ worth of live sessions and performances telling a visual story about sound. Festival-goers visiting the bare white space will be able to see ‘what music looks like’: contemporary artists whose talent and art will still speak volumes in the world of tomorrow, performing without any superfluous stage sets or theatrics.

Staying true to its now traditional motto of ‘experiment and excellence’, Cēsis Art Festival precisely reflects the mission of the TĪRKULTŪRA programme: its ongoing search for the valuable in the contemporary ‒ for pure talents who are not afraid of traversing boundaries and do it with surprising ease. TĪRKULTŪRA is facing the challenge to inaugurate a completely new Cēsis venue at 6 Lenču Street, a space that, isolated from background noise, lends itself to focusing on the essential, leaving everything that is familiar and habitual on the other side of the gate.

‘The idea was creating a platform that allows us to see music and its creator ‒ free of any superfluous stage sets and additional effects. We want to highlight the things shared by all these artists regardless of their genre ‒ the pure talent, the creativity ‒ and showcase art that is very likely to become a driving force in tomorrow’s world,’ says Rolands Pēterkops (MAREUNROL'S), the author of the idea behind the TĪRKULTŪRA project.

The programme of the installation will offer powerful auditory and visual experiences: the profound and emotional compositions by the intellectual of avant-garde music John Maus; the ambient travels in space and time by the audio-visual performance artists Visible Cloaks, featuring a special contribution by the video artist Brenna Murphy; a performance by the synth pop and Internet dream master Motion Graphics, who uses programmed instruments to imitate acoustic ones and produce incredible sounds that are practically impossible to create with acoustic instruments; the hypnotic soundscapes creatively combining the sounds of acoustic and electronic percussion by the master of electro-acoustic music Andrea Belfi; a session by DJ and music producer from the Paris underground scene Colin Johnco; a magical performance by the great Lithuanian DJ Manfredas; appearances by the architect of brick instruments Brad Nath, who produces sound using the natural properties of various instruments, the spa-pop band Gents, the enigmatic duo of electronic avant-garde pop Domenique Dumont from Latvia, the guitar genius of drone music Edgars Rubenis; video performances by the American avant-garde filmmaker James Benning, as well as works and installations of visual art by Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, Atis Jākobsons, et al. The programme is subject to addition.

In mounting this event, the platform of TĪRKULTŪRA is aiming to showcase Latvian musicians and artists as outstanding talents side by side with world renowned names, as well as accentuate the significance of location ‒ put Cēsis and Latvia on the map of contemporary culture as a pure and vibrant spot for ‘experiment and excellence’, a local vantage point for a view of the global art process.

12th Cēsis Art Festival is taking place with the support of the festival’s patron SEB Banka, the leading telecommunication operator and general sponsor of the festival LMT, Cēsis District Council, art patron SIA Alfor company, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the State Culture Capital Foundation and Cēsis Concert Hall.