Unemployment fund CEO: Estonia may have 90,000 jobless by end of summer

  • 2020-04-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - According to the worst-case scenario, approximately 90,000 people, meaning double the current number, may be jobless in Estonia by the end of the summer, head of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Meelis Paavel said on public ETV television on Tuesday night. 

"The number could be double compared with the present," Paavel said on the "Suud puhtaks" show of ETV. "The forecasts have been made so that we would be able to count with such number of jobless by the end of the summer."

The head of the Unemployment Insurance Fund stressed that this was the worst-case scenario, so to speak.

"This definitely is a scenario for the case that the economy will be in a lockdown for longer than in the current situation. Also our new measure has been done in the hope that the virus will leave us quite soon and the economy will be able to gradually start working again," Paavel said.

"But if this does not happen, I dare to forecast indeed /.../ that after our measure has been exhausted in two months, major layoffs will probably lie ahead. Then it is not ruled out that this number -- 90,000 -- will materialize, even though it is a scenario of the worst case of sorts after all," he added.