Ukrainian Theater Month in Europe

  • 2022-05-27

We invite spectators to watch current performances from leading Ukrainian theaters 

Art is not out of politics, we fight for every spectator and his support for Ukraine. Every appearance on the stage, purchased ticket, published news – these are all small steps on  the way to our common victory in the cultural fight against russian aggression. 

Managers and artists, volunteering on a daily basis, continue to hold the cultural front, drawing  attention to the russian-Ukrainian war as best they can – through tours and performances that  provide an opportunity to talk about Ukraine, representing the world as a strong, developed, cultural  state. 

Performances are shown in Ukrainian with subtitles. So, we invite you to join the viewing of both  Ukrainian and foreign spectators. 

The program of the tour  

- "Bad Roads", dir. Tamara Trunova, Left Bank Theater, Kyiv 

- "The Gimps", dir. Stas Zhyrkov, Zoloti Vorota Theater, Kyiv 

- "Zal`ot", dir. Yuriy Radionov, Maliy Theater, Kyiv 


May 31 - "The Gimps" Varena, Lithuania 

June 1 - "The Gimps" National Kaunas Drama Theater, Kaunas, Lithuania 

June 1 - "Bad Roads" Dailes Theater Festival, Riga, Latvia 

June 5.6 - "Zal`ot", Die Staats Theater Stuttgart, Germany 

June 7 - "The Gimps" Alitus City Theater, Alitus, Lithuania 

June 9 - "Bad Roads" Vilniaus mažasis teatras, Vilnius, Lithuania 

June 16 - "Bad Roads" TheATRIUM Festival, Klaipeda, Lithuania 

June 20 - "Bad Roads", The Komedie Theater, Prague, Czech Republic 

June 24 - "Bad Roads" The Radikal Jung Festival, Munich, Germany 

June 30 - "Bad Roads" Berliner Ensemble, Berlin, Germany 

Ukrainian theaters, and in particular the participants of our initiative, are open to cooperation. If you  have suggestions about participating in the festivals, shows of current Ukrainian performances or  their video versions, please, contact with us. 

[email protected] 



Tour orginizers 

Ukrainian Artistic Task Force is an organization for the representation of Ukrainian artists in Europe,  providing them with opportunities for maintaining their professional lives and careers, and information  resistance on the cultural front of the russia-Ukraine war.  

The organization is focusing on integration of artists and cultural workers, looking for opportunities of  cooperation with foreign colleagues; providing humanitarian, financial, and psychological aid. 

Co-founder of UATF, artistic director of the "Theater of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank of the Dnipro"  Stas Zhyrkov 

Co-founder of UATF, artistic director of the “Golden Gate” Theater Ksenia Romashenko, Kyiv UATF co-founder and tour manager Kate Savytska 

Dmytro Veselskyi, Artistic Director of the “Maliy Theater”, Kyiv 

With the support of the 

Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine 

State Agency for Arts and Art Education 

Culture Department of the Kyiv City State Administration 


Ukrainian Institute