Two Finnish design companies are on a mission of protecting butterflies

  • 2018-11-06
  • TBT Staff

TALLINN – Innovative ecoluxury company Belightful Design and imaginative jewerly brand Nikkotakko are both on a mission to save and support butterflies. Drastic decreases in European butterfly populations in the past decades are calling for actions and raising the awareness for these important pollinators, which are acting as indicators for planet biodiversity

Belightful Design is a Finnish, ecological design company with a focus on ecological wildlife feeders as outdoor decoration. The two entrepreneurs of Belightful Design, Miia Liesegang and Taina Tallala, seek to bring happiness and positivity to outside spaces with 'belightfully' designed products. The first product of Belightful product portfolio is an awarded Butterfly Oasis, a butterfly feeder. “We want to offer people an easy and visual way to experience something beautiful and support the nature at the same time”, says Miia Liesegang, CEO of Belightful Design and the Designer of Belightful Butterfly Oasis.

Being ecological plays important role in the design of the product. Butterfly oasis is made out of bio-based PLA, which does not contain any harmful chemicals or non-renewable oil. Belightful Design also co-operates with butterfly conservation organisations, like Butterfly Conservation UK in the United Kingdom.

Nikkotakko Jewelry celebrates the fragile beauty of flowers and butterflies and their limitless colors, shapes and textures. The company is being born in 2013 and it is based in Turku, Finland, where all products are hand made by founder and jewelry designer Katri Juva. The fleeting and sometimes hidden beauty of a butterfly or moth urges to capture the moment in vivid and inspiring combinations. Nikkotakko it has evolved into a playful line of handmade jewellery collections that weave in the story of life, as told by wildflowers and butterflies. Part of the proceeds from the Nikkotakko Butterfly collection, which is currently in the works, will go towards wildlife preservation. Wear a piece of Nikkotakko and experience the metamorphosis.

Both Belightful Design and Nikkotakko products are available on New Design Market Pop-Up at Telliskivi Loomelinnak, A2 Building in Tallinn (EE) throughout November 2018.