Top Online Casino Games for Latvian Players

  • 2022-06-20

When you think about a flourishing gaming market, chances are that Latvia wouldn’t cross your mind, at first. However, there is still a large number of people in this Baltic country that enjoys visiting an online casino occasionally. On such occasions, Latvian players are prone to choosing certain types of casino games over others. This text will try to provide detailed info about the top online games Latvian players enjoy playing.

Gambling Laws in Latvia

Before we start talking about the top casino games in Latvia, let us review our knowledge of the gambling laws in this country. In order to offer their casino games to Latvian players, online casino site operators must abide by the existing online gambling laws. The country has adopted its first gambling law in 1993. This law allowed land-based casino establishments to offer gambling services to the country’s players. Next, in 2003, Latvia passed its online gambling law, allowing casino operators to offer online gambling services in online casinos. According to the law, online gambling service providers must possess a gaming license issued by Latvian Gambling authorities

Online Casino Games in Latvia

Online casino players in Latvia are never short of options when it comes to online casino games. In fact, they have the opportunity of trying out their luck by playing almost every online casino game there is and walking out with fuller pockets.

The best casino sites in Latvia offer a diverse catalogue of games, including games that require skill as well as those based purely on luck. Most of these online venues offer popular games such as online slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. 

Play Online Slots in Latvia

It goes without saying that online slots are the most popular casino game worldwide. Just like the rest of the world, Latvian players mostly spend their time at an online venue spinning the reels. Their popularity comes from the fact that slots require no skill whatsoever and they are easy to play. All players have to do is place their bet, set the reels in motion, and let the software do the work. 

Now, even though there is not much to do in order to influence the outcome when playing slots at Latvian casinos, players can influence their winning chances by choosing the right slots. All they have to do is look for online slots with the highest return to player (RTP) to get better returns in the long term.

Many Latvian players also enjoy playing progressive slots. These slots offer huge jackpots, extremely large compared to the player’s bet. These jackpots are simply hard to resist since they can change the lives of the lucky players in a second.

Play Online Blackjack in Latvia

Now, this is another casino game that has always been one of the most-played online casino games in Latvia. Unlike slots, online blackjack is mostly based on skill rather than luck. That being said, the rules are pretty simple, all players have to do is practice when to hit, stand, slit, or take insurance to beat the RNG software dealer. Although it does sound a bit complicated, it really is not. 

Online blackjack is great for beginners since the rulers are mastered pretty easily and quickly. Additionally, players can choose to employ some basic strategies and use a cheat sheet so they would be able to play the right move every time. There are many variations of online blackjack, however, the rules generally stay the same.

Play Online Baccarat in Latvia

Another popular choice of table game for Latvian players is online baccarat. Some players would argue that online baccarat and online blackjack are similar games. Both of them involve a deck of playing cards, where the main goal is to beat the dealer. The only difference is that in baccarat, players need to score a hand total of 9 rather than 21. 

Another similarity between the two games is that is both straightforward and simple to learn. Players do not even need the basic knowledge of simple math, since at online casinos the result is already calculated by the software. All you have to do is choose your strategy, sit back, and relax.

Play Live Dealer Games in Latvia

Those Latvian players who are motivated by the thrill of a realistic casino atmosphere against a real dealer mostly choose one of the live dealer casino games. Many of the top casino sites in Latvia offer an array of different types of live casino games. 

These games operate through a live stream video link that allows players to see an actual dealer in a gaming studio. What is more, Latvian players also have the option of chatting with the dealer during the game for a more interactive experience. These games are extremely popular since they bring a land-based casino gaming experience to many table game players in Latvia.

Although we would not call Latvia an online gambling hub, the fact stands that its iGaming market is growing more and more every day. Will these games remain the most popular online casino games for Latvian players, or will others take over? We shall wait and see.