TI study ranks Vilnius among Europe's most transparent capitals

  • 2019-08-21
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS - Vilnius is among European capitals providing the best access to information about its activities, according to a study by Transparency International.  

The study put Vilnius in the green group of cities, along with Kiyv, Madrid, Prague and Pristina and Tallinn.   

Unlike many other cities, Vilnius publishes its mayor's working schedule and individual voting records from the City Council's sessions on its website. 

However, the asset declarations of the Lithuanian capital's mayor and councilors and their lobbying registers are not available to the public, dragging its overall score slightly down. 

"I'm glad that Vilnius can serve as a model for other European cities," Sergejus Muravjovas, head of Transparency International Lithuania, told BNS in a comment. 

"Yet we still have room for improvement," he added. 

The Latvian capital of Riga is placed in the yellow group with a medium score.

The Polish capital of Warsaw was not analyzed in the study, which measured a total of 26 European capitals on 14 indicators.