This year's Give Five charity campaign to focus on accessibility needs of people with functional disorders

  • 2021-10-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The annual public media charity campaign Give Five is this year focusing on accessibility needs of people with functional disorders, Latvian Radio representative Ieva Aile informed LETA. 

The money donated via web platform during the fundraising marathon will be spent on installing lifting devices, various ancillary facilities and improvements to disabled people's homes to ensure they can live in an inclusive environment also outside public infrastructure. 

In this year's Give Five campaign, the public service media will highlight each person's rights to live an independent life. 

The Give Five charity campaign will take place for the eighth year, from December 17 to 23, broadcasting round-the-clock from a special glass studio in Dome Square in Riga Old Town. At the studio, DJs of radio station will be sharing people's stories, experts' opinions and playing songs chosen by the donors 24/7. 

Statistics show that around 10 percent of Latvia's population, or 203,000 people, are living with some form of disability. For 36,000 of these people disabilities restrict their mobility, nearly 3,000 have hearing disorders and 10,000 have vision impairments. 

"Environmental accessibility, which causes no problems for most people, is like an endless steeplechase for people with functional disorders. It is in our power to remove these obstacles and create equal opportunities for everyone for attaining their goals and dreams," said head Ruta Dimanta.