The title of European Green Capital passes from Tallinn to Valencia

  • 2024-01-12

In a symbolic ceremony held yesterday, the city of Tallinn officially handed over the title of European Green Capital to Valencia. With that Tallinn bid farewell to a transformative year marked by sustainable achievements and innovation.

"As the city of Tallinn bids farewell to our time as the European Green Capital, we are filled with a sense of accomplishment and optimism for what the future holds," said Vice Mayor of Tallinn Tiit Terik. "Although we are passing the title to Valencia, it does not mean that our journey ends here. Just as it does not begin but continues, the journey of Valencia progresses towards a greener and more sustainable community. Our journey has been characterized by active citizen participation, providing us with a unique platform to address environmental challenges, test groundbreaking green solutions, and launch projects and campaigns on a regional level, " Terik added.

Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, said: “Valencia has earned the Green Capital title because of its ambitious sustainability strategy, and it has learned from lessons in the past. For many decades, the city has been driven forward by a bold civic movement that sustains genuine change. People are Valencia's asset. This year will enhance the experiences of citizens and support them even more in delivering the change we all need achieve for a better future.”

"As we pass the torch to Valencia, we wish them success in their Green Capital year. This begins a journey, and we hope for their success for initiatives that bring positive change for their citizens and the global community. Valencia, congratulations and best wishes," concluded Terik.

The European Green Capital year gave Tallinn the opportunity to test new environmentally friendly solutions, initiate new types of environmental and inclusion projects and keep environmental issues in focus, contributing to a change in the mindset of the city itself and its residents. You can find an overview of Tallinn’s activities on the European Green Capital year here: