The Quantor platform: the investment ecosystem of the blockchain era

  • 2018-04-29
  • Quantor

The rapid development of technologies changes is changing the world around us, touching upon new fields of science and business. Today a new type of product is being unleashed on the market - Quantor, an innovative marketplace, utilising methods of algorithmic trading, which enables anyone seeking to profitably manage their crypto assets to do this with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Algorithmic trading: yesterday, today, tomorrow
The history of automated trading in financial markets dates back to the 1970s and 1980s, when traders began to use special algorithms to multiply their investments, which analysed the current situation on the financial markets and automatically executed trading operations.

This method quickly proved its effectiveness and began to improve as experience and errors of previous programs were taken into account.

Algorithmic trading today is an effective and automated tool for managing assets, which does not require any knowledge in the field of investment and allows you to manage your financial resources with innovative
technologies. And direct evidence of itseffectiveness is the confidence of global international players. For example, The Medallion fund, well-known algorithmic hedge fund, generated a remarkable annualized
return of more than 35 percent over a 20-year span.

Over time, the use of algorithmic trading systems captures more and more areas of investment. On some financial markets, it’s already reached more than 50% in volumes of trading. In 2014, 67% of trading volumes with interest rates futures in the US was generated by using trading algorithms which proves one thing: algorithmic trading is the inevitable and effective future of the global investment industry.

The era of blockchain and cryptocurrency markets
Literally bursting into our world, the blockchain technology changes it swiftly and irrevocably. The field of its application is growing, all new spheres, from science to business, are striving to integrate the advantages of blockchain technologies in relation to their industry. Along with this, the volume of the crypto-currency market is also growing.
Soon the integration of blockchain technology into new industries can radically change our understanding of the usual processes, and will also open fundamentally new opportunities, the potential of which remains beyond our imagination.

The Quantor Platform: An Ecosystem of the Future
Quantor is one of the most revolutionary projects that can change the investment industry, making it transparent and convenient. Quantor will unite the talented developers ("quants"), acting as an accelerator that helps new and experienced "quants" to develop investment algorithms by providing services such as online courses, training, and financial support. The platform will become a marketplace, a place where anyone who does not have knowledge in the field of investment multiplying can use these innovative methods, that is, transfer their crypto-currency assets to efficient, machine control.

The best specialists and valuable products
Online training has long proved its effectiveness and made the acquisition of knowledge truly unlimited for everyone. Quantor will also serve as an educational platform, where the best specialists will be trained and selected to create the most effective algorithms, and after the testing process, the most valuable products will be offered to investors.

Quantor will open doors for a large number of algorithm developers from different countries. On the marketplace, they can make their algorithm available to investors from around the world. Also, "quants" can be combined into development teams from anywhere in the world, and smart contracts automatically distribute revenues between them in accordance with the established rules in agreement. Existing financial institutions - banks and investment companies - will be able to have an account on Quantor. Each of them will have access to a wide range of algorithms, providing a diversification in accordance with the interests. Smart contracts will guarantee a fair share of revenue coming from their customers. Thus, the use of Quantor will be beneficial for all participants of the platform.

Integration of the blockchain system
Blockchain will allow to make all processes on the platform safe and transparent. The use of smart contracts will greatly simplify and automate the interaction between all ecosystem participants - developers and investors will automatically receive their share of profits. This approach implements the ideas of sharing-economy gaining popularity in various industries.

The use of a decentralized ledger will make it possible to record all important data of trading algorithms performance, which will increase the transparency, not allowing to manipulate the records of trading performance.

What does Quantor give to the world of cryptocurrency community?
The answer is obvious: effective methods of managing crypto-currency assets. Simple holders of electronic currencies (including miners) often do not know how to further manage the funds that were received after a successful purchase. The Quantor platform provides effective tools for managing your assets, which do not require additional knowledge in developing investment algorithms. In other words, Quantor provides market-proven and time-tested automated solutions for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Team of professionals
It's no secret that the successful implementation of the project largely depends on the team that works on it. The Quantor team is an organic symbiosis of the founders of Vlad Buchnev and Serge Bolshakov, respectively, with experience working on Wall Street in the investment algorithmic business and with extensive experience in creating and managing business, including in the management company of investment funds.

No less important for success is the role of a team of young ambitious marketers who profess innovative methods of introducing new cryptocurrency projects to the market, as well as advisers of a world-known project.

One of the advisers of the project is Ernest Chen, a well-known guru in algorithmic trading, an expert in creating quantitative methods for asset management. No less famous and experienced advisor in the Quantor team is Kirill Ilinsky, the founder of the international investment company Fusion AssetManagement, successfully managing assets worth more than $ 1 billion using quantitative methods.

Token sale: on the way to global changes in the investment market
To fully develop the ecosystem and implement all services of the platform, the Quantor team plans to sell tokens. The authors of the platform see the goal of conducting token sale as a possibility of scaling the project, which already at the idea stage was global in nature.

The concept of creating an ecosystem where specialists will be trained to write algorithms, as well as implementing algorithms on the marketplace, cannot be a priori a local one. Since the ability to bring algorithmic trading to the mass market and allow the multimillion-dollar army of cryptoholders to use innovative tools to multiply their assets may already in the foreseeable future bring about a revolution in both the crypto-currency markets and the classical ones.

Speaking about the prospects of Quantor, you can expect that the platform will be as serious player in P2P (peer-to-peer) investment, such as LendingClub in P2P lending or Amazon and Uber in the Internet marketplace and sharing-economy business.

Profitable tokenomics
To pay for services within the ecosystem, as well as for a number of other purposes, the Quant (QNT) token will be issued. More information on the project's tokenomics can be found on the Quantor resources. But, even without this information and any additional knowledge in the field of trading, a number of advantages of buying Quantor tokens are already evident:
• Significant discounts when purchasing in the early stages of the project.
• A unique business model will allow everyone to find their niche on the platform: to learn and sell their product or invest in the creation of such a product.
• The business model of the project is based on the scientific knowledge of leading specialists in the field of effective investment, as well as on training programs of universally recognised universities in the field of quantitative finance.
• Limited token emission.
• Integration of algorithmic trading into the actively developing market of crypto-currencies is a real revolution. Such synergy has not yet been realised in any project, its prospects are truly global and immense.

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