The President of the Monaco Baltic States Association, Prof. Franco Borruto is granted the French award

  • 2023-03-08

Professor Franco BORRUTO president of Monaco Baltic States Association decorated official of the academic palms by the French Ambassador in Monaco in the presence of the Monegasque authorities were present the Minister of Health Christophe Robino the Ambassador of Italy in Monaco HE Giulio Alaimo the President of the Order of Doctors of Monaco Dr Jean Michel Cucchi the police chief Richard Marangoni the President of the Maison de France Danielle Merlino.

After having illustrated the career of Professor SEM Laurent Stefanini concluded the heart of Professor Franco BORRUTO beats with synchronous activity for Italy France and Monaco giving three countries the best of humanity and professionalism and for this we honor him The Professor had a grateful thought towards Prince Albert who welcomed him and for Princess Carolina godmother of the most famous of his books the one on the virus ddl papilloma virus world best seller.