The Power of 6,000 Voices: A Lullaby to Address Global Sleep Deprivation and Enhance Sleep

  • 2024-07-10

This weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania, something magical happened. 6,000 voices united in a powerful, mesmerizing lullaby, aiming to combat the global sleep deprivation crisis. Organized by Sleep Fest, Europe's first sleep and longevity festival, this unique event highlighted the critical impact of sleep deficit on global health and well-being. According to the organizers, the idea was to "amplify the overwhelm of the twenty-first century in a reverse, comforting manner, and remind people of the restful sleep we all had in our childhood days”. 

The sleep performance was an impactful experience during which a person comfortably lay in a bed in a serene Vingis Park, listening to a lullaby-like song performed by 6000 voices. Surrounded by fresh air, a cozy bed, and a relaxing environment, the performance emphasized factors essential for good rest, enhanced by the magic of thousands of voices. 

The “sleeper” of the performance said it was deeply soothing. She described the ‘sensation of chills running through her body’ as she listened with her eyes closed transitioning to a sleep state. Many passersby were intrigued by the bed in the park, stopping to observe, take photos, and inquire about its significance. When informed that it was part of a sleep festival aimed at educating people about the importance of sleep, many admitted experiencing sleep issues and found the topic highly relevant.

This performance happened during a historical celebration of the 100th Lithuanian Song Celebration locally called Dainu Svente. While over 11,000 choristers performed on stage, thousands of people in the park directly and indirectly witnessed the unique bed setup.

This sleep performance was a key highlight of the extensive Sleep Fest program leading up to the autumn conference. Scheduled for October 2024, Sleep Fest | Vilnius will feature innovators in well-being, addressing critical issues of sleep deprivation and mental health. The program will include world-renowned longevity and sleep experts, including the most famous backward aging person on the planet – Bryan Johnson, Dr. Michael Grandner, Virgile Novarina, and many more.


The Global Pandemic of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Fest 2024 will spotlight the global sleep deprivation crisis, emphasizing the urgent need for quality rest in today's fast-paced world. In an era dominated by hustle culture, achieving relaxation and quality sleep has become increasingly challenging, yet deeply desired. A 2023 Gallup poll revealed a significant decline in sleep satisfaction over the past decade, with only 48% of men and 36% of women reporting adequate rest. Millennials (aged 28-43 in 2024) and Gen Z (aged 12-27 in 2024) are particularly affected, facing heightened stress, anxiety, and sleep issues due to an “always on” mentality and digital overload.

Following the data, Millennials are mostly concerned with the aging effects associated with sleep deprivation, as well as stress and poorer emotion control. Young workers (aged 18-29) and younger women, in particular, report the least sleep satisfaction and the highest stress levels. This demographic struggles to adapt to the accelerated pace of life, experiencing increased anxiety and related sleep issues. According to the Sleep Foundation, around 70% of Millennials report experiencing sleep problems, with 57% admitting that stress impacts their sleep quality.

Gen Z faces unique challenges, with nearly half of teens in 2023 claiming to be online “almost constantly”. Health implications are coming to the fore, leading young people to seek ways to tackle the twenty-first-century stress. Studies have shown that excessive screen time is linked to poorer sleep quality, with 60% of Gen Z reporting they feel tired most of the time. Viral self-help trends such as ‘reconnecting with nature’ and ‘mental health walks’ highlight the widespread desire for a restart. The festival aims to bring attention to these alarming statistics and encourage the adoption of healthier sleep habits.

First sleep-focused festival in Europe with a world-class longevity expert line-up

In response to the growing interest in well-being practices, Sleep Fest will bring together all the key figures in the field of sleep and health. The festival will delve into the latest science on longevity and sleep, exploring new hacks and cutting-edge techniques to improve sleep quality and overall well-being. The agenda will cover essential topics: mental health, sleep and longevity fundamentals, practical side of building healthy habits. Baltic sleep innovations scene will be presented by specialists from a range of disciplines spanning from neuroscience, psychology, arts, and medicine to sleep consultancy and recent NAD+ research findings.

Sleep Fest will showcase renowned keynote speakers such as Bryan Johnson, the "fastest-aging backwards" founder of Project Blueprint, and Michael Grandner, a researcher specializing in the effects of sleep deficiency on emotional and physical well-being. Dutch neuroscientist Leo Van Woerden will lead interactive sessions on non-sleep deep rest, while other notable speakers include biohacker Siim Land, longevity futurist Dr. Ines O’Donovan, and sleep artist Virgile Novarina, who has explored sleep through science and artistic performances for over twenty years. 

In an increasingly anxious post-pandemic world, Sleep Fest will evoke a type of connectivity that helps you help yourself – coming together for the purpose of good sleep and well-being. 

More information about the Sleep Fest program and speakers can be found here.

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