The largest Nordic-Baltic art platform NOBA introduces a unique Art Map

  • 2022-01-14

From January, the largest Nordic-Baltic art platform changes its brand and website to to emphasize its focus on the Nordic and Baltic region and mark its role as a multifunctional art centre. In addition, the content of the web platform evolves by introducing an Art Map – a unique overview of art exhibitions and events in the region. 

As previously, NOBA continues to bring together art and its audience. According to Andra Orn, the founder of NOBA, the art platform aims to be the main channel to introduce the artists and art events of Baltic and Nordic countries to local and international audiences. ”We hope that in the next years will become the main gateway to introduce the artists, to increase the number of visits to art exhibitions and to raise awareness about everything exhibiting happening in the field! It can be a challenge for local artists to stand out in international communities, but together on the regional platform we do have a better chance to gain attention at the international level, where the Baltic and Nordic art scene and artworks are considered captivating,” Orn adds, stating that the team works closely with the art institutions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania as well as in Nordic countries. 

NOBA Art Map - a tool for culture tourism

In cooperation with art museums and galleries, NOBA curates and publishes a unique web-based Art Map, that provides an overview of art exhibitions taking place in major art museums and underground art spaces in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

“Often it is difficult to find info about smaller galleries and exhibitions because it could be published only in a local language or in selected channels. The artists and other professionals in the field themselves do not have a good overview of what is happening,” Orn explains the need for the Art Map. “We started to build Art Map two years ago and now after improvements, we have several institutions contributing to it. Altogether there is information about 150 art exhibitions from the Nordic-Baltic region now and step-by-step we will add new venues and events.”

Orn also encourages to use of Art Map as a tool in travel planning - to find out what is happening in your next destination. Art Map, with easy-to-use search and filter functions, is available in English and Estonian, it provides a short overview of the exhibition with a location map and opening times - the info can be filtered by cities and countries, which simplifies finding events. 

In addition, continues with the Spotlight section together with local writers including reportages of significant art events, introducing artists, collectors, curators and galleries, explaining the relationship between art, design and architecture as well as sharing insight about buying and investing in art. web-platform hosts a curated and the largest updated selection of the region’s contemporary art including around 6000 artworks by over 500 artists from Baltic and Nordic countries. It allows getting acquainted with the artworks, which can also be purchased, by well-known and rewarded artists as well as young talents.   

NOBA also stands behind various art events incl. a yearly Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award (NOBA Award) in co-operation with art universities in the region. The portfolio also includes a street art project (R)estart Reality in 11 European capitals with Edward von Lõngus, the launch of Tallinn Biennial, rebooting the art week tradition in Estonia and organising various exhibitions.