The largest and most modern football sports base in the Baltics is being created in Piņķi

  • 2021-10-25

SIA Baltic Sport Group in Piņķi develops and creates the largest and most modern private football sports base in the Baltics and is planning to invest in it 50 million euros. The base named Baltic Sport Village will be not only a place for training and games for both young and experienced Latvian athletes, but also an opportunity to organize competitions and training camps for foreign club members.

The sports base occupies the total area of ​​15 hectares purchased last year and located next to the Jūrmala Golf Club. The first stage of the sports base building has already been completed, and three full-size football fields have already been created there, one of which is heated so that training and playing football can take place also in winter. There has also been a special field for goalkeeper training, as well as a field for beach football, where it is even possible to organize tournaments, as it complies with all regulations. There is also a field for general trainings.

Inspired by the most modern football stadiums in the world, such as Manchester City, etc., the beach football field is designed to hold trainings there so that athletes can better develop their skills.

It is planned to build a stand for a thousand spectators at the sports base, which will allow organizing Latvian Premier League competitions. 800 lux lighting will be installed. "The minimum requirements for Premier League competitions are 350-400 lux, but we will install twice as much so that everything is beautiful and so that we can enjoy the performance of athletes even better and offer a better-quality game," says Daniels Petrovs, General Manager of Baltic Sport Group.

It is planned to build a training center with a total area of ​​five thousand square meters, where there will be rooms for rehabilitation, gym, rooms for catering, living rooms. "We want our guests to be able to live on site within the village, as it is possible in the leading football bases," explains Petrovs.

Plans include also building of a closed arena, which will be as big as the Skonto stadium arena, only with the latest technologies and materials. It is also planned to build a stadium for 4000 spectators.

The sports base will also house a hotel with 70 rooms. "The hotel will be necessary for organizing international competitions. We are creating this center to make Latvia attractive to world-class football clubs. We know how much money is spent in the world to organize club competitions. Clubs travel to such countries as Poland, Cyprus, Austria, Turkey, etc. We decided to create such place in the Baltics, because so far we have not had anything like that, so that clubs from England, Cyprus, Russia, etc. could come to us in the summer and hold inter-season competitions here,” reveals the General Manager.

The hotel will be able to host four football teams. The clubs will be offered three football fields for trainings and the rest of infrastructure.

There will also be a park at the sports base so that parents who have brought their child to training can have a walk, drink tea or coffee and enjoy the beautiful and attractive surroundings. A large two-hectare parking lot with space for 800 cars will also be built so that the license to host wide-scale competitions with spectators can be obtained.