The global education hacking community gathers in Tallinn again for Mindvalley University 2022

  • 2022-05-30

Now that international travel has eased, Mindvalley reconnects with more than one thousand people from all around the world who will gather in Tallinn for Mindvalley University, a 3-week long reimagined college experience that bridges together education and life transformation. 

The amount of people studying in universities is declining in Latvia. In 2020/2021 in universities there were 78 548. But 14 525 students finished their studies. The year before the number of students were 79 408 and studies finished 14 848 students. Current situation shows that more people choose different options for learning the skills they need in their life and that there is room for growth in our educational system. There are other ways to do that in a modern world and this is exactly what Mindvally aims to offer. 

For the first time since the pandemic started in 2020, the Mindvalley community will meet in person from July 4-24 in Estonia for an experience that brings together community and sought-after teachings at a global campus for all ages. There will be more than 300 events across the city to help develop and deepen the skills our regular education system don`t pay attention to.

“Want to learn engineering or physics? Great! Today you can learn these online for free on various educational websites. Mindvalley University is not for these skills – but for the skills our regular education system ignores,” says Vishen Lakhiani, creator of Mindvalley University. “Like entrepreneurship, leadership, public speaking, personal growth, health and wellness, happiness, love, parenting, mindfulness, and much more. The skills that truly lead to happier lives and not outdated societal ideas of ‘success’.”

Vishen Lakhiani created Mindvalley University in 2017 for his family and friends to experience different cultures and encourage their learning and growth through a different kind of direct experience. In 2018, Mindvalley University also took place in the Estonian capital, where Vishen Lakhiani decided to make his permanent residence in 2020. Today, Mindvalley University has grown into a 21-day experience, inviting families to experience together the chance to connect, learn, and socialize.

Mindvalley and its community of more than 20 million fans  are committed to life-long learning. In addition to expanding educational opportunities, Mindvalley is consciously addressing mental health issues – a very concerning topic in Latvian society. And Covid-19 pandemic has made this topic even more important. That is why a couple of events of Mindvalley University will be dedicated specially to mental health.  

Mindvalley University's 3-week program will take place at Kultuurikatel from 4th to 24th of July. More information about the event can be found here. Until June 1, tickets cost from 838-1490 EUR, based on how many weeks an applicant will participate. Starting from June 1, tickets are more expensive. Tickets can be purchased here. For more information about the community and its possibilities visit