The first phase of the expanded building of the shopping centre “Origo” has been opened, the Class A business centre “Origo One” has started operating

  • 2020-05-24
  • TBT Staff

Linstow Center Management (LCM) has completed first round of construction work on the new “Origo” shopping centre building, which has just opened its doors on the 4th to 6th floors of the modern “Origo One” office centre, which offers functional and transformable Class A offices. The real estate developer reveals that the first tenants of the new office centre are internationally and nationally known brands - the company "Narvesen & Caffeine", which will soon be joined by "Hili Properties", "Colliers International", "LETA" and "TV NET".

The new “Origo One” business centre is an innovative development project that is in line with Linstow's strategy for the development of mixed urban use, as is the case in Norway. Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of the new business centre "Origo One" in the market is its location. This territory already serves as the main public transport hub of Riga. However, in the context of the “Rail Baltica” project, the importance of the site will play a more important role at the international level in the near future. In addition, the new offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology solutions. They will be transformable, mobile and functional. In turn, “Origo One's” expanded green areas will create a unique urban space to enjoy.

“We have purposefully made “Linstow Center Management's” contribution to the development of new and existing facilities a long-term contribution to the well-being of society and the observance of the principles of sustainable development. The “Origo One” business centre has already received the second highest BREEAM rating among office centres in Latvia at the design stage. This confirms LCM's commitment to make the building not only externally attractive, but also pleasing to visitors and employees who will stay in it on a daily basis, providing optimal day and outdoor lighting, room acoustics and thermal comfort,” reveals Andis Kublačovs, LCM project director.

“We entrusted the development of the interior design of the office centre project to the winner of the Latvian Designers' Union Award of the Year, an architectural and interior design company with 25 years of extensive international experience - SIA “xcelsior”. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with project managers and design authors Artūrs Martinsons and Zane Straume, we have managed to create a unique layout and facilities: graphic navigation in common areas, division into neutral-business and active zones, paying special attention to the accessibility of the environment for people with disabilities. Particularly noteworthy are the green walls and green areas, for example, on the fourth floor there are five stylistically and symbolically different gardens, which mark different historical periods in the development of postal routes and communications. We have provided a comfortable, functional and aesthetic environment for work, leisurely rest and informal meetings, creating a sense of closeness to nature in the centre,” reveals Evija Majevska, Commercial Director of “Linstow Shopping Centers”.

““Origo One” has five green courtyards, complemented by large terraces and intensive indoor greenery. Each office has its own yard in the centre of Riga - it is an extremely important factor in increasing work productivity and emotional comfort,” explains Artūrs Martinsons, architect of SIA“ xcelsior ”.

On April 20 of this year, the retail franchise company SIA “Narvesen Baltija” started working as the first tenant of the business centre, creating a special atmosphere for the head office of the brand “Narvesen & Caffeine” with the help of interior designer Marta Gaile.

“For 20 years, “Narvesen” has been a leader in the convenience market segment in Latvia, expanding the range of loyal customers every year: more than 75% of Latvians shop at “Narvesen” on a daily basis. The desire to develop and be closer to our customers is natural for every business, including us. Therefore, it is only natural that the “Narvesen” office moves closer to the city centre, choosing one of the liveliest intersections in Riga and a modern, growth-inspiring environment. We are pleased with the first month of “Origo One”, which has been affected by the restrictions related to Covid-19, but this time has confirmed the ability of “Narvesen” and “Caffeine” to find new growth opportunities even in a difficult situation,” says Dace Dovidena, Managing Director of “Narvesen Baltija”.

With the opening of the expanded part of the “Origo” shopping centre, including the “Origo One” business centre, the first stage of construction of the “Origo” shopping centre has been completed. The second phase of construction work will continue until the completion of the facility, which is planned for this autumn.

Implementers of the “Origo” expansion project

“Origo” expansion project is implemented by Norwegian real estate development and management company “Linstow Center Management” in cooperation with the main construction contractor SIA “Skonto būve” and designers - PS “Arcade” (architectural offices SIA “DEPO projekts” and SIA “Jensen Consult and Arhis inženieri”) and the author of interior design SIA“ xcelsior”. The technical supervision of the construction was performed by the company SIA “CMB”, BREEAM certification was performed by SIA “IB&P konsultācijas” and OÜ “Oxford Sustainable”. The owner of the object is SIA “Attīstības aģentūra” (Linstow AS).