The Culture Friends of the Year for 2019 are Feliks Mägus and Olerex

  • 2020-04-01

On Valentine’s Day, the Ministry of Culture presented the Culture Friend of the Year awards for 2019. The main prizes, i.e. the Culture Friend of the Year titles, went to Feliks Mägus and the fuel company Olerex. In total, Minister of Culture Tõnis Lukas recognised 23 companies or private supporters for their contributions to culture. 

The Nordic Hotel Forum, and its director Feliks Mägus, has been repeatedly recognised in the course of the Culture Friend of the Year awards over the years. This time, Mägus earned the title of Culture Friend of the Year for activities related to both the Black Nights Film Festival and the Nordic Symphony Orchestra. Since last year, Olerex AS has been a gold sponsor of ERSO, the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, while continuing to be one of the largest supporters of Estonian culture. For example, the company was a major sponsor of last year’s Song and Dance Celebration called My Fatherland is My Love, as well as the main sponsor of the Saaremaa Opera Festival.    

At the 2019 Friends of Culture competition, a total of 23 companies and patrons were recognised, whose monetary contribution to culture organisers last year was both noteworthy and impactful. Two companies were recognised as laureates, and 21 companies or supporters of culture that have made significant and outstanding contributions were awarded letters of gratitude.