The Best Football Betting Markets for Beginners

  • 2023-12-06

There’s no doubt football has advanced so much over the last decade. As a result, football betting has also become very complex, introducing a variety of playing options.

Online bookmakers work very hard to attract new players through all kinds of promotional tools. A perfect example of this is the Vulkan Bet bonus.

However, the best way to reach out to newcomers is to make things as simple as possible for them. Complexity can intimidate and drive away plenty of potential new users.

Below are some of the most basic principles of football betting and the best markets to use at the beginning of your journey.

The Fundamentals of Football Betting            

Before you do anything in life, you should try to get as much knowledge on the matter as possible. Betting is no exception, and here are the core three things you must consider before placing any bets.

Know the League

No football leagues in the world are the same. Whether you prefer English, Spanish, or Italian style of play, they’re worlds apart when you actually pay attention to the details.

If you want to expand your adventure beyond European football, you might want to learn more about the limitations and regulations different countries impose on bookmakers.

Know the Team

Supporting your favorite team is what football is about. But betting on them every time may not be the best way to show your loyalty, especially if they’re on a bad streak.

Learning about the squad’s form is crucial for making the right predictions. The best way to figure out their inner state of affairs is by looking at their 3-5 previous games. Sometimes teams can look strong on paper, but in reality, they cannot pull themselves together.

Placing a bet against your team doesn’t make you a bad fan. After all, it’s up to them to improve and make you happy, while it’s up to you to use your football knowledge in the best way possible.

Know the Player

In some cases, two teams can be very much alike. When that occurs, guessing the match outcome is very difficult and can lead to you losing the bet. That’s when individual bets are a better solution, but you must do your due diligence to utter perfection.

One player can decide the game, whether by scoring, assisting, or getting sent off via red card. Players' tempers are a big part of football and can help you recognize the game's momentum, which can lead to making the right betting decisions.

The Most Common Betting Markets            

Millions around the world love football betting, and it’s no secret why. By analyzing the bets they place most of the time, it’s easy to spot which ones are most likely to win. 

Also, they’re probably the best for you to start with as you progress on your journey.

Match Outcome

This is one of the simplest and most commonly used betting markets in the world. There are only three possible outcomes when placing this bet – either the home/away team wins, or it’s a draw.

This is a perfect tool for you to explore multiple leagues and teams without worrying about complex rules and surprising factors.

All you have to do is pick a team and believe it can achieve the outcome you’re hoping for. It can’t get any simpler than that.

Goals Scored

Another brilliant betting market in case you cannot decide the final outcome of the match. When two teams are similar in terms of strength but very good at scoring, your best bet is to predict the number of total goals.

These options come in variations, such as picking only one team’s total goals or guessing the number of goals an individual player can score within 90 minutes. It all comes down to scoring, which is one of the main reasons we watch football in the first place.


Handicaps are slightly more advanced, but they’re also very easy to learn. What they mean is you’re giving a certain advantage in terms of goals, touch-downs, or points scored. Your team must exceed the handicap limit, also called “the spread.”

What makes handicaps exciting is they’re usually followed by better odds than standard bets, while they’re very simple and straightforward. When you place a handicap bet, you don’t just want your team to win but to really destroy the opponent.

Final Thoughts                            

If betting wasn’t fun, we’d stop doing it a long time ago. Luckily, it seems like it’s not going to stop being fun anytime soon.

Just remember to start your learning curve with moderation and adjust your bets as you make further progress. Once you master the fundamentals, there will be no limits on how far you can go and the wins you can achieve.