Teachers, parents and children all coping well with distance learning - Education Employees' Union

  • 2020-04-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Teachers, parents and schoolchildren are all coping well with the current distance learning process, as Inga Vanaga, chairwoman of the Latvian Trade Union of Education and Science Employees, said in an interview with TV3 this morning.

This according to a survey of teachers, which found that all the sides have sufficient digital skills for distance learning, said Vanaga. During the survey, teachers indicated that about 30 percent of schoolchildren required better internet speeds for higher quality distance learning process, while about a third of students did not have enough smart devices.

Approximately 96 percent of the surveyed teachers said that they used their computers and telephones for distance learning purposes. "More support would be needed here. Teachers point out that their Internet and telephone bills will increase," said Vanaga.

The absolute majority or 95 percent of teachers have acknowledged that feedback from students was good, while the opinions about cooperation with parents differed. "There are cases where there is very good cooperation [with parents], but in some cases, communication takes place very late in the evening. Teachers also have their own time limits - many people forget that teachers also work from home now, and many of them have children," said Vanaga, adding that the same could be said of the parents.

Vanaga called on all those involved in distance learning not to be afraid to communicate, because "we as adults need to find a middle ground to help make distance learning more effective".

At the same time, Vanaga emphasized that teachers' workload had "clearly increased significantly" due to distance learning. This has been acknowledged by 95 percent of the surveyed teachers.