Tanks of new UK unit arrive in Estonia Sunday

  • 2019-10-28
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The first batch of heavy armor, including tanks, of the new British unit to be deployed to the NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battle group in the Tapa military base in Estonia arrived in Tapa on Sunday. 

The heavy equipment that arrived in Tapa on Sunday as part of the exercise Tractable includes 18 Challenger tanks, spokespeople for the defense headquarters in Tallinn said.

Estonia's Minister of Defense Juri Luik visited the Tapa base on Sunday to welcome the new British troops and get an overview of the progress of the exercise to date.

As part of the exercise, some 200 units of equipment and 800 soldiers will arrive in Estonia. The regiment of the King's Royal Hussars currently serving at Tapa will be replaced by a regiment of the Queen's Royal Hussars.